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  • Off-Season in a Mountain Town

    I have lived in this valley for over 30 years and have seen quite a few changes -  some positive and some not so positive. The one thing that doesn't seem to change is the offseason, charmingly (I mean that sarcastically) referred to as mud season. 

    As the ski resorts shutter and tourist visitation wanes, our small town once again belongs to us locals.  Albeit for a precious 3 weeks - it's still pretty darn nice. This time of year you can get a table at your favorite restaurant (until they also close for the offseason), there is parking on the square, grocery shopping is a breeze, and you don't have to wait for three lights before you can make the turn home. 

    At Habits, we see some of our favorite locals who stop by to say hi and wander downtown for lunch because, hey it's empty. 

    Some people find this the perfect time to get out of Jackson and head somewhere warm and sunny. Some of us stay and take advantage of local specials or biking the plowed road through Grand Teton National Park  (while it's closed to motorized vehicles until May 1st) and simply relishing the quiet before the storm.

    If you find yourself in Jackson, Wyoming during this magical season, enjoy the solitude and come say Hi we could use the company.  

    grand teton national park  

    Two of our lovely friends and clients Lynn Grassell and Deb Wuersch taking advantage of some off-season fun. 




  • New Brand Alert. B. Sides Denim

        B Sides began when longtime friends, Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily,  collected antique denim as founders of the curated-vintage boutique Where I Was From. They picked through massive palettes of old denim and were one of the first to start vintage patchworked styles.  There love of denim and that vintage feel was the inspiration for the new denim collection which is sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina.  These mills have provided workwear textiles to farm supply stores since the 19th century.  This new collection has a depth and texture reminiscent of denim from the '70s. Just like their name, B side, sometimes the other side is better. 

    Habits is always committed to finding some of the best denim.  B Sides is a wonderful addition to our collections. 

    "For a certain sort of style enthusiast—the type of person who, say, listens to music on vinyl and washes their hands with hunks of Savon de Marseille—vintage jeans are the only jeans. 

    Hold a pair from the ’70s next to its contemporary counterpart, and there’s no comparison: The fabric is thicker, more substantial, rich with irregularities. As the saying goes, they don’t make ’em like that anymore. Now, however, they do." 


    Check out what one of our favorite blogs, Honestly WTF, had to say about the collection as well.  https://honestlywtf.com/style/shopping/b-sides-jeans/

    b sides art mid straight jean

    henri hi slim

    Leni Hi flare b sides denim

    b sides cropped jacket

    b sides jeans



  • 2018 Images

        Habits has to tell a visual story because I respond best to a lovely image.  I am so fortunate to have a wonderful crew who understands this too.  As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our favorite images from 2018.  I am grateful for this talented posse.  Betsy Wright-Clark, Lisa Flood, and Mallory Mantle-Yarto.

     Cheers to creating more of these beautiful images in 2019. 

    swan valley photo shoot

    swan valley photo shoot

    raquel allegra swan valley shoot

    jackson hole public art

    jacksonhole public art

    center for the arts


    nick fouquet barn shoot

    nick fouquet hardeman barn shoot

    nick fouquet hardeman barn shoot

    lisa flood

    cowboy bar and elderstatesman

    mursells sofie d'hoore

    lisa flood glitter

    tee lab johnny farah handbag

    nick fouquet

    nick fouquet

    sofie d'hoore

    nico nico janessa leone

    swan valley shoot






  • Nick Fouquet


           Hats are having such a moment and I love the way they move between masculine and feminine.  Just the right amount of swagger. So, when I decided to bring in the amazing collection from this young hat maker, Nick Fouquet, I envisioned myself being transformed into a cooler version of myself.  

    Nick Fouquet has made quite the name for himself in this growing medium of the hat maker.   Creating in his atelier in Venice Beach, CA, the easygoing vibe is evident. He started his company in 2013 from a one-man operation to a worldwide recognized brand. 

    When the likes of Madonna and Pharrell show up to the Grammys wearing your hats, you know things are going to go well. 

    Now here at Habits, we aren't typically star-struck, but upon meeting the genuinely nice young designer, we were struck.  Dead on.   Even more so with the quality, beauty, and attention to details that make these hats true heirloom quality.  

    So, in the words of Nick Fouquet, "confidence is the sexiest way to wear a hat."

    I'm going to work on that. 

    nick fouquet

    nick fouquet

    nick fouquet hardeman barns

    nick fouquet

    nick fouquet





  • Brokedown Palace

    I have driven past this lovely ghost of a home so many times.  It sits slightly uphill of a curve in the road.  Paint peeling, vines growing on and through the windows.  I have always wanted to stop and take a better look.  

    On one of those drives through Swan Valley, my daughter mentioned that see too has always wanted to stop.   So I pulled through the curve and down the dirt road right up to the house.  It was just as I thought.  Beautifully worn and ghostly.   We took photos, the light was beautiful. 

    Inspired, I told the ladies, "We are going on a field trip". We packed up my car with our favorite clothes, hats, and jewelry and set off for Brokedown Palace. The views were stunning, the light was amazing and our crew had a great time.  Sometimes, you just have to stop and take that dirt road.  

    swan valley

    hazel brown

    lisa flood

    raquel allegra


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