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Nick Fouquet

October 28, 2018


       Hats are having such a moment and I love the way they move between masculine and feminine.  Just the right amount of swagger. So, when I decided to bring in the amazing collection from this young hat maker, Nick Fouquet, I envisioned myself being transformed into a cooler version of myself.  

Nick Fouquet has made quite the name for himself in this growing medium of the hat maker.   Creating in his atelier in Venice Beach, CA, the easygoing vibe is evident. He started his company in 2013 from a one-man operation to a worldwide recognized brand. 

When the likes of Madonna and Pharrell show up to the Grammys wearing your hats, you know things are going to go well. 

Now here at Habits, we aren't typically star-struck, but upon meeting the genuinely nice young designer, we were struck.  Dead on.   Even more so with the quality, beauty, and attention to details that make these hats true heirloom quality.  

So, in the words of Nick Fouquet, "confidence is the sexiest way to wear a hat."

I'm going to work on that. 

nick fouquet

nick fouquet

nick fouquet hardeman barns

nick fouquet

nick fouquet





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