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  • Pre-Eclipsia

    magnolia pearl tee

    With municipal officials texting residents to prepare for the equivalent of a state of emergency, grocery stores reporting empty shelves and record sales, and estimations of upwards of 100,000 people descending on our little town; pre-eclipse hysteria is in full swing here in Jackson.

    We at Habits are doing our best to take it all in stride (although we did—we must admit—stock up on wine and vodka—hey, you never know). To give those who are tired of looking heavenward a break, we will open at one o'clock in the afternoon of August 21 and then will resume regular hours for the rest of Eclipse Week. 

    Apolis Tote

    While we have no Eclipse wares per se, we do have full moon tees by Magnolia Pearl, as well as our exclusive Apolis Jackson Hole tote and Scosha coordinates bracelet, hand stamped with Jackson's latitude and longitude. 

    Scosha coordinates bracelets


    Stop by the store and say howdy.

  • Rodeo Style

    Jackson Hole may be synonymous with great skiing, but at its heart, Jackson is a Western town. Fun fact:  Jackson had a rodeo before it was even incorporated. Our rodeo has been held almost continually since 1920, and to make the story even better, the family of one of Jackson’s earliest settlers—Sylvester Wilson--owns and runs it.


    Every Wednesday and Friday evening, come summer, you’ll find the Jackson Hole Rodeo in full swing at the Teton County Fairgrounds. Rodeo ain’t easy—to quote one of our favorite sayings: “And you thought football was tough, welcome to rodeo.” It may be demanding, but it sure is fun to watch.


    To celebrate this quintessential Jackson tradition, we headed to the rodeo’s home base with two of our favorite Jackson girls—Annie and Madison—and attired them in our own fresh take on Western wear. For instance,  Visvim and cool NYC label 6397 tee-shirts, pair beautifully with Moussy jeans and Janessa Leone hats. Or an airy Raquel Allegra dress styled up with a pair of to-die-for Visvim moccasins, a trio of necklaces, a fat leather and turquoise CLP bracelet and a Pamela Love ring. While these looks certainly have a western nod,  We would take them anywhere. 


  • Moussy Jeans--Your New BF

    Think of your favorite jeans ever. You know the ones—they fit perfectly, were faded and distressed in all the right places and felt so comfy you could sleep in them—and often did. Welcome to Moussy jeans—your old jeans reincarnated and improved.

    Moussy (pronounced Moosie) jeans are crafted from Japanese denim—a fabric we heart big time. It is painstakingly hand woven on special looms and usually hand dyed. We carry several iconic Japanese brands in addition to Moussy—including Chimala, R13, NSF denim, and 6397, and we love them all. But what we especially love about Moussy jeans is their patina.  Each piece is sewn by hand, and great artistic thought goes into the positioning of every stray thread, whiskered crease, and distressed patch. Even better is their supple feel, buttery soft despite the fact that they are pure cotton uncontaminated by any Lycra. No breaking in needed. Put them on and you’ll feel you are welcoming an old friend back into your life.  These are jeans you’ll wear

    and love for decades to come.






  • Mother's Day

    The last mother's day post I wrote, was about my son leaving for college.  The "last" things he was doing before his departure from home and into his new life.  I survived that, barely, and feel good about where he is and what he is accomplishing now. 

      Next year, I will be back in the same boat, as my daughter will be heading off to college as well.  She will also have the realization of her "last" things to do.  But for now, I have her and all the "firsts" as well.  Her first boyfriend, her first SAT test, her first college tour, and more firsts to come.  We have come a long way together and the difference between raising sons and daughter is cavernous.  I have learned how to be a parent, though not always successful, to the differences in each of them.

    What I have learned is to let go.  Let them be who they are and bite my tongue.  It's been a hard process, but always the right one.  My hope for both my children is that they are kind, compassionate, and stick up for themselves.  Say no, when you need to.  Don't get too comfortable in life, shake it up sometimes.  Take chances.  Travel.  Don't compromise your integrity and have fun.  

     Daughters are not always easy as we weren't either, but so worth it.  I asked a few of my friends to share the girls with us for this amazing photo op and they obliged.  I love their connections and we all know how hard it is to let go.

    Great job ladies you have lovely daughters.



  • Habits Hits Paris for Fashion Week

    Habits Hits Paris for Fashion Week, meeting old friends and discovering some great new designers

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