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  • Mother's Day

    The last mother's day post I wrote, was about my son leaving for college.  The "last" things he was doing before his departure from home and into his new life.  I survived that, barely, and feel good about where he is and what he is accomplishing now. 

      Next year, I will be back in the same boat, as my daughter will be heading off to college as well.  She will also have the realization of her "last" things to do.  But for now, I have her and all the "firsts" as well.  Her first boyfriend, her first SAT test, her first college tour, and more firsts to come.  We have come a long way together and the difference between raising sons and daughter is cavernous.  I have learned how to be a parent, though not always successful, to the differences in each of them.

    What I have learned is to let go.  Let them be who they are and bite my tongue.  It's been a hard process, but always the right one.  My hope for both my children is that they are kind, compassionate, and stick up for themselves.  Say no, when you need to.  Don't get too comfortable in life, shake it up sometimes.  Take chances.  Travel.  Don't compromise your integrity and have fun.  

     Daughters are not always easy as we weren't either, but so worth it.  I asked a few of my friends to share the girls with us for this amazing photo op and they obliged.  I love their connections and we all know how hard it is to let go.

    Great job ladies you have lovely daughters.



  • Habits Hits Paris for Fashion Week

    Habits Hits Paris for Fashion Week, meeting old friends and discovering some great new designers

  • Behind the Scenes at Habits: Susan Durkin


    While some of us are scouting out Paris Fashion week, we thought we’d take this chance to introduce you to one of our favorite Habits’ colleagues—Susan Durkin—who’s helping hold down the fort in Jackson. All it takes is a glance at Susan and you just know she’s cool. From her chic cropped hair, to her svelte figure (often adorned with scrapes from mountain biking), this is a woman who embodies Habits’ vision. For these reasons and more, we recently made Susan our customer liaison. Susan’s new role involves knowing each of our devoted customer’s style, so that when a piece comes in that looks just like you—expect a quick call or email from Susan alerting you to it.

    Susan hails from Charleston, South Carolina, but like so many people in Jackson, she came out for a visit and knew in an instant that this small, mountainous outdoorsy town was where she had to be. That was 20 years ago. In the intervening years, she’s become a mountain-biking addict come summer, and a snow-worshipping skier of all types come winter. A former elementary school and now pre-school teacher, Susan has worked at Habits for the past five years. You’ll find her here virtually every weekend. During the week, Susan is busy corralling young ones as a Montessori pre-school teacher. Trust us, with that kind of background, this is a woman with patience. Nothing fazes her. When pressed for her favorite Habits’ designers, Susan confesses a deep love for VisVim, Sessun, Chimala jeans and Phillipe Model sneakers. “But I love it all!” she laughs.


  • Lean In


    Most perfumes are made by giant conglomerates, are filled with chemicals and make everyone smell alike. Not for us. But then we learned of small niche perfumers, and we were instantly seduced. These tiny, under-the-radar perfumeries craft beautiful scents from natural ingredients. There are many of these new small batch perfumers (and all of them seem to reside in Brooklyn for some reason), but at Habits, our favorites are MCMC, Nova, and CB I Hate Perfume

                Don’t expect your grandmother’s Chanel #5. These are unisex, earthy, musky, pheromone-triggering scents that are as complex and layered as fine wine. Take NOVA’s Beige perfume, which they describe as  “like the incense, balsamic air of ancient woods”. Or CB I hate Perfume’s, At The Beach, which triggers memories for me of summer heat, chlorine-filled swimming pools, and spicy sweat. We also love MCMC’s Hunter, which was inspired by a guitar-playing, Vermont-dwelling friend of perfumer Anne McClain.

                Best of all, these perfumes smell different on everyone, and change and grow the longer they stay on your skin. These are subtle scents that make you want to linger and get closer. 

     For more information, check out these links about small batch perfumeries:

    Refinery 29's Fresh Fragrances

    NY Times "Six Perfumers Describe the One They Love, Through Smell"

    Martha Stewart's Stand Out With a Small Batch

    Fashionista's Five Under the Radar Perfumes You Need to Know About


  • Visvim

    At the annual Jackson Hole Elkfest antler auction. Visvim indigo patch down shirt with a dress from Place National, Aesa necklace. Boots are model’s own. 

    Here at Habits, we’re always looking for artists who utilize clothing as their medium. Cult designer Hiroki Nakamura’s brand Visvim embodies this ethos. The New York Times in its profile of Nakamura wrote: “Inspired by the rugged narrative of the old West, the earthiness of Native American crafts, the simplicity of Zen and the utilitarian beauty of old combat gear, Nakamura…(produces) items of extraordinary beauty and permanence… “His goal, he says, ‘‘is to create future vintage.’’


    Visvim Kham robe coat with Place Nationale dress

    The old West? Future vintage? What could be more Jackson? We’ve been obsessively following Visvim for at least a decade now, drumming our fingers, waiting for them to introduce a women’s line. A few years ago our prayers were answered. The collection, co-designed by his like-minded wife, Kelsi, features women’s versions of his visionary men’s wares, including the trademark gorgeous sneaker/moccasins—and our favorite—a dress crafted entirely of antique handkerchiefs from Nakamura’s own collection. And, we are proud to say, we are among the select shops in the country to carry the women’s line. So come witness—and touch and try on—these extraordinary works of art. And good news; new Visvim is arriving for spring in February!

    Here is a blog with more information on Visvim, 
    and if you want to read the philosophy of Hiroki Nakamura himself.
    Visvim, Wild West Dress made from Hiroki’s personal collection of vintage handkerchiefs. Visvim zip hoodie and Roland Joggers. 
    Visvim Duke Pow Wow shirt. 
    Wild West Dress
    Roland Joggers with Goodyear Rubber soles. 
    Visvim wool dress made from Harris Tweed with Apolis tote, R13 jeans, and Common Projects shoes. 

    Visvim Duke shirt 


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