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Paris is Always a Good Idea

Paris is Always a Good Idea

On my first trip to Paris, I had decided rather last minute to go for market.  I had never traveled to Europe and do not speak French. This was before google maps or at least before I had the technology to use Google maps. I went alone and had no idea where would be the best place to stay. With a  bit of research, I found a nice place in the Marais. 

I don't think at this time that it was as trendy as it is now but all my appointments were within walking distance and could easily get a taxi to others.  My flight was delayed a day so I had to get off the plane leave my bags at the hotel and then off to my first appointment at the Louvre.  Having no idea where this was or how to get into the venue, except for a map of the city, a literal map. Again no google maps telling me step by step where to go.  But like most things in life you figure it out. Stepping out of the cab and onto the Louvre Palace grounds, I was smitten. The Louvre Palace was built in the 12th century by Phlippe Augustus.  THE 12th CENTURY!  

Paris has become a place that brings me so much joy.  The history, the architecture, the food, the style, the culture, and of course the lifestyle. When I speak to the lifestyle I suppose I really don't know how people live their daily lives in Paris, but I do know that things do not feel rushed.  People linger at cafes and bistros. When was the last time you sat at a cafe here and just enjoyed people watching over a few cups of coffee or a glass of wine?  

I wanted to share a few places and things I enjoy when I am in Paris.  I love the Marais.  Yes, its trendy and I am sure there are arrondissements that are just as lovely and probably less crowded but that is for another time for me to discover. 

I stay in Airbnbs so I can't recommend a hotel, but If I did, the location of the Hotel 9 Confidential is ideal.  On Rue de Rosie it is within a 10 minute walk to the Seine, walkable to many small shops, cafes, and definitely if you are up for it make it all the way to the Louvre without ever getting in a car or the metro.

 Small out of the way spots to eat are ideal for me and I have yet to try some of the places that require a reservation well in advance. Like Frenchie and the Clown Bar.  Which I hear are wonderful.  Here are a few small gems that I would go back to and highly recommend:

Rose Kitchen in the Marche Les Enfants Rouges.  A 12th century market with amazing food stalls.

Las Du Fallafel- on 34 Rue De Rosiers.  Delicious fallafel and mediterranean food.  There is a line but moves quickly. 

Le Cheval De'Or -  21 Rue de la Villette.  This you have to get a taxi.  Contemporary Chinese with an amazing Sake list. One of the best meals I have had in a long time.  

Wild and the Moon- Healthy vegan food, delicious smoothies, Lattes and juices.  A nice treat when eating out everyday.  Rue Charlot

Shopping is basically what I do for a living, so I love finding interesting shops.

Merci - Boulevard Beaumarchais.  A buyers pilgrimage.  Everything from contemporary clothing brands to vintage furniture.  A wonderful cafe and great jewelry. 

Vintage.  So much Vintage.  There are shops on every street so just walk around and you will not be disappointed.

Officine Universelle Buly- 19 Rue Veille Du Temple.  I walked by this exquisite perfumerie and apothecary that was established in 1803. I did not stop in as it seems I was always late for an appointment, but I will not forgo stopping next time I am there.  

45 RPM - one of my favorite brands has an outpost in Paris and the space is amazing. Rue Vielle du Temple.


Centre Pompidou- Contemporary museum also showcasing classics.  Love the space and not as crowded as the Louvre. Great neighborhood for cafes

Musee D'Orsay - Again not as busy and an incredible Van Gogh collection. 

The Brancusi Atelier- The sculpture Brancusi's studio is recreated next to the Centre Pomidou.  Minimalist organic sculpture.  Beautiful. 

Le Galerie Dior-  A must if you love fashion.  11 rue Francois

Of course there were many cafes that I can't remember or didn't document because I was just enjoying the Paris life style.  A bientot.

carousel jardin tuilleries

march de rouge enfants

rose kitchen

45 rpm


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