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Suits, why we love them.

October 12, 2019

Suits, why we love them.

I love a good suit. Something about them makes me feel empowered.  Madonna in the black pinstripe suit, the late Peter Lindbergh's shoot with 80's supermodels dressed as men, and Marlene Dietrich which inspired Madonna's iconic suit. Living in a mountain town, however, rarely offers an opportunity to wear a suit. 

The best way I have found is to not take it too seriously and break up the look. Wear just the pants with sneakers and your favorite vintage tee, add an oversized sweater or hoodie to run to the grocery store or pick up the kids at school. 

Take the blazer add a tee, hoodie or crewneck sweater and top it over your favorite jeans or dare I say, leggings?

Or go full-on Power Suit adding a touch of femininity.  A silk cami, lace shirt or just take it full business-like with a crisp white button-up shirt.  

Whichever way you wear that suit, own it.  

madonna 80's suit

marlene deitrich

peter lindbergh 80s






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