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B sides cropped jacket

New Brand Alert. B. Sides Denim

    B Sides began when longtime friends, Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily,  collected antique denim as founders of the curated-vintage boutique Where I Was From. They picked through massive palettes of old denim and were one of the first to start vintage patchworked styles.  There love of denim and that vintage feel was the inspiration for the new denim collection which is sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina.  These mills have provided workwear textiles to farm supply stores since the 19th century.  This new collection has a depth and texture reminiscent of denim from the '70s. Just like their name, B side, sometimes the other side is better. 

Habits is always committed to finding some of the best denim.  B Sides is a wonderful addition to our collections. 

"For a certain sort of style enthusiast—the type of person who, say, listens to music on vinyl and washes their hands with hunks of Savon de Marseille—vintage jeans are the only jeans. 

Hold a pair from the ’70s next to its contemporary counterpart, and there’s no comparison: The fabric is thicker, more substantial, rich with irregularities. As the saying goes, they don’t make ’em like that anymore. Now, however, they do."

Check out what one of our favorite blogs, Honestly WTF, had to say about the collection as well.

b sides art mid straight jean

henri hi slim

Leni Hi flare b sides denim

b sides cropped jacket

b sides jeans



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