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Off-Season in a Mountain Town

Off-Season in a Mountain Town

I have lived in this valley for over 30 years and have seen quite a few changes -  some positive and some not so positive. The one thing that doesn't seem to change is the offseason, charmingly (I mean that sarcastically) referred to as mud season. 

As the ski resorts shutter and tourist visitation wanes, our small town once again belongs to us locals.  Albeit for a precious 3 weeks - it's still pretty darn nice. This time of year you can get a table at your favorite restaurant (until they also close for the offseason), there is parking on the square, grocery shopping is a breeze, and you don't have to wait for three lights before you can make the turn home. 

At Habits, we see some of our favorite locals who stop by to say hi and wander downtown for lunch because, hey it's empty. 

Some people find this the perfect time to get out of Jackson and head somewhere warm and sunny. Some of us stay and take advantage of local specials or biking the plowed road through Grand Teton National Park  (while it's closed to motorized vehicles until May 1st) and simply relishing the quiet before the storm.

If you find yourself in Jackson, Wyoming during this magical season, enjoy the solitude and come say Hi we could use the company.  

grand teton national park  

Two of our lovely friends and clients Lynn Grassell and Deb Wuersch taking advantage of some off-season fun. 




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