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Why we love them. Sula.

May 02, 2019

Why we love them.  Sula.

In a new series, why we love them, we will be introducing you to our favorite brands. The ones that capture our hearts and convey the core of what Habits is all about. 

This post features Sula. Alison Taylor is the designer behind the brand from across the pond in Shoreham by Sea, England. Sula evokes an old-world aesthetic.  Alison's background in Fine Art is evident in the painterly quality of the colors, fabrics, and details. Hand worked buttonholes and old fashioned hand stitched facings provide further character to the much-loved collections.  

Sula is created with a strong commitment to the families that specialize in Vietnamese silk and Indian Khadi cotton. Craftspeople that bring her ethereal vision to fruition.  

We not only love the collection, but we also love working with Alison and her lovely crew as well.  Sula represents Habits desire to bring collections that have meaning, are not trendy and endure. We hope you will also fall in love with the brand. 

sula dress

sula blouse

sula dress


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