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Earth day and Fashion.  It's complicated

Earth day and Fashion. It's complicated

We are celebrating Mother Earth this week.  Events, films, and Instagram posts of the earth with heart emojis.  

Every day is Earth Day, right?  We hope so. What is my contribution?   I take my reusable bags to the grocery store, I try to buy veggies and fruits only when they are in season,  I don't buy pre-packaged food, I don't use straws, I don't buy fast fashion and it's still not enough. 

How does Habits contribute?  We try to support small companies that have a small carbon footprint. We are looking for alternatives to packaging and we strongly believe in buying quality items that will last a very long time.  Pieces that endure and have a shelf life longer that one season.  

One of the most exciting ways we are hopefully making an impact is with the collaborative collection Revival Jackson Hole, which will launch a new Summer Collection in June. A collaboration with Lisa Walker. We repurpose, reuse and embellish Army Surplus clothing for a new life as a fashion piece.  Not only do we save these pieces from a landfill, but we also turn them into something you can treasure for a long time.  

revival jackson holerevival jackson hole t-shirt

  Totem Salvaged reuses vintage pieces in their handbags.  Re/Done has been finding old jeans and giving them new life.  Jean Francois searches for vintage beads and rosaries at markets in Paris to create his amazing collection.  Just a few of the brands we carry that are making a difference. It's a great way for fashion to step up and help with the problems it has created.  

I hope that Habits can do its part by supporting these efforts and the companies that care.  Happy Earth Day!

totem salvaged

redoneredone levis

jean francois necklacejean francois bracelet




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