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Why We love Them- Hazel Brown

Why We love Them- Hazel Brown

Hazel Brown is a mainstay at Habits.  We love everything about this brand and the mad genius behind the curtain, Ali Blankley.  

Hazel Brown is perfection in the details and authenticity. A frayed edge, a delightful fabric, and a glorious vintage vibe.  The collection never disappoints.  We have been carrying the line since the opening of Habits almost 8 years ago and Habits wouldn't be Habits without Hazel Brown.

  I enjoy visiting with Ali just as much as I enjoy viewing the upcoming collections both in Los Angeles and New York.  In New York, ensconced at the Jane Hotel, where she prefers to schedule appointments with her clients during market week, is exactly where you would expect to find this whimsical brand.   Now, The Hazel Brown Store in Los Angeles is another excuse, besides visiting my daughter in Santa Barbara, to visit with Ali in her light-filled shop featuring the full collection of Hazel Brown and Domi.  Its location right off Sunset, with of the moment shops and cool cafes, is a nice way to spend an afternoon. 

I am a true fangirl and so are our Hazel Brown clients.  They understand her vision and appreciate the perfect imperfections as do we.  Hazel Brown exemplifies Habits vision of passionate designers.  This is what separates our shop from the rest and this is why we love it.  

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