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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 67 | We Love Music!

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 67 | We Love Music!


Last week we shared some of our favorite art. This week we discuss how music influences our daily lives, and share some our favorite artists. As well as some custom playlists from Habits!



words by Arcy Hawks

Music. What we love, What we are listening to these days and old favorites.

Continuing our series of different forms of creativity, we explore music.  How it is intertwined with fashion and is probably the most accessible form of art. 

Musicians have something we all want. To be so revered we create entire movements. The Bee hive, Swifties, Beatlemania, The Purple Circle, Deadheads, etc. I didn’t follow any bands but went to my fair share of concerts in my youth. Music is important to me. I always have something playing at home and definitely in my car. It varies. From old school R&B to 80’s country. Growing up we listened to Mexican music and 50’s bebop to jazz. My dad loved Duke Ellington and Peggy Lee. All of my siblings played an instrument and I studied piano for 4 years.  My brother was in a high school jazz band and my nephew was in drum corps.  

Music is literally the soundtrack of our lives. It’s also a style barometer. When we talked about movies and fashion we spoke about how they influenced each other.  Bands have long been a catalyst for style movements. Think the GoGos and Belinda Carlisle’s pencil skirts and pointy toes pumps. Jim Morrison’s leather pants and concho belt. Rihanna makes everything a fashion statement. 

Music is ever evolving and borrowing. I don’t think there is one better generation. Just a different generation. I find myself looking for new exciting sounds, just like new exciting fashion. We can’t live in the past or romanticize it or we will be lost to it. Growth and an open mind leads to a youthful mind. A couple of my favorite ways for me to learn about new artists and actually learn more about veteran musicians is through the Colors Studios and Tiny Desk concerts. 


Both showcase up and coming and old favorites in a stripped down version of their craft. Like their authentic selves coming out.  We compiled a few playlists of our favorite songs and artists of the moment.  These playlists are a peek into what we are listening to right now and I hope, it will evolve.  Because music is like that it flows in and out of our lives through different times and different places.  Good and bad.  I hope you enjoy and find a new favorite.


Each team member has curated a brief 10-15 song playlist of what we are listening to right now, as well as some all time favorites. Have a listen and hopefully you find something you love! 



words by Cade Hawks

Music is so important in all of our lives, and I really can’t go a day without listening to my favorites. As my fellow teammates mentioned earlier, it is so deeply personal. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to discovering new sounds, and give everything a listen, even if its just once. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. My mom played amazing R&B and disco, while my dad showed me some of the best old country. It is pretty normal to walk into my parents house and hear Earth Wind & Fire followed by Waylon Jennings. When I began my own journey into music I found myself listening to a lot of rock and punk music. However, when I finally traded in my Walkman for an iPod I was introduced to hip hop, and that completely changed the direction I was headed. I started out listening to some of the greats like Wu-Tang, Biggie, Nas, and The Fugees and I thought they were so cool and so talented. I wanted to wear baggier pants, have chunky sneakers, and wear flatbrim hats. I am also a skateboarder, and dressing a certain way and listening to certain music made a very clear distinction of where you stood in the sport. There was hesh, and there was fresh. I fall into the fresh category as I wear baggy clothes, like hip hop, and pay attention to what’s new. On the other side, hesh meant you listened to more punk and metal. You probably wear skinnier denim, old beat up Carhartt vests, and band tees and could care less about what the latest trends are.

As the menswear buyer for Habits, I approach finding new music in a kind of similar way of finding new designers. There are so many artists nowadays you have to really dig deep to find the people that speak to you or are creating something truly special. Fashion and music have gone hand in hand for decades. As Arcy mentioned above there was Beatlemania and the whole rock and disco scenes. Now hip hop artists seem to be taking over a lot of fashion influence. For example, Kendrick Lamar wears a lot of Wales Bonner (coming soon to Habits) and Willy Chavarria. Two amazing up-and-coming designers creating beautiful, and different clothes. Fashion and hip hop together have been huge in influencing what trends get popular and what people want to wear. People even joke about kids wanting to look like rappers. 

Being from Wyoming, I of course have a soft spot for old, good country. I always try to tie in my country roots into my clothes. I will wear a cool pair of sneakers, baggy olive cargos, a white tee, and a King Ropes hat. I try to pull from my love of skateboarding, hip hop, the outdoors, and Wyoming. A good example is our last edition of Friday Fits, which is on the homepage of our website. The outfit features some of fashion’s best modern designers, mixed with boots and a hat from a home and ranch store. That is Habits style. 


Each team member has curated a brief 10-15 song playlist of what we are listening to right now, as well as some all time favorites. Have a listen and hopefully you find something you love! 



Johnny Cash, “The Man in Black”. Known to be seen in all-black, his wardrobe preceded him. His dark past, somber songs, and his fight for others are all tied into his staple outfit. Johnny Cash was known to be a voice for the “underdog” and his wearing of black was a symbol of rebellion to him, only enhancing his already strong voice!

When we remember Johnny Cash, we remember him for his relatable and dark songs but we remember him to also be relatable and dark. Perhaps this is where “wearing all black” comes into play. Fashion proves to be a symbol of who we are and who we show to the world...just as music does.


words by Milli Dawson

Music is ingrained in my earliest memories of life. My mother, a musician filled our home with different kinds of music. Classical, country, pop, African drum music, lots of James Taylor and Paul Simon you name it, we listened to it. This was the foundation for my love of music. 

We used to blast tunes in the car and sing so loudly until our throats hurt but it was the best! Music meant so much to us, My mom used to share stories of her past through music, and I would listen to every word relating her stories to whatever song was playing in the background. Slowly associating every single song I heard with some piece of my life or someone else’s. 

I still do this now, perhaps to a flaw. I love finding connections between lyrics and life. As Etta James sings “Life is like a song”. Music shares our stories in ways we are not able to and in a way is therapy for the soul. 

What I love about music is what I love about fashion, whether you’re writing it, singing it, wearing it, or searching for it, it is deeply personal and a reflection of who we are. 

Like art, fashion, cuisine, etc., I will keep my search open for new music to flood my ears with song and inspiration.


Each team member has curated a brief 10-15 song playlist of what we are listening to right now, as well as some all time favorites. Have a listen and hopefully you find something you love! 



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