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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 66 | We Love Art!

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 66 | We Love Art!


At Habits, art is incredibly important. We always have a collection of rotating artists on display in the store, so we figured we would should share some of our favorite local, and famous artists.


words by Arcy Hawks

Art comes in many forms. We are exploring these different genres and their relationship to Habits. Habits Style derives from a need to create a beautiful environment. From our exceptional curation of clothing, accessories, and jewelry or the artists we work with to the music we listen to on the daily. These are important forms to us and as creatives, art is essential.  

Whenever I travel, museums are a must. I research the areas of the cities that have the most galleries and plan a day around that neighborhood.  A day wandering in and out of galleries in NY is pure heaven to me.  I typically go solo so I can linger or move quickly.  I typically begin at the Whitney and then meander the streets surrounding. Astonishing enough I have yet to go to the Met.  It’s a long day and I don’t always have time to get uptown and then back downtown for dinner.  But it’s going to happen.  Paris has amazing museums and while I love gallery hopping I have yet to discover the best area to do so. 

Art for me is inspiring not just for the provocation of thought, but also inspiration for color and form.  It’s also a break from all the decisions we have to make on the daily while working. An amazing work of art might inform the next buy for me. A color that resonates and perhaps an image.  

Fashion and art have long been connected.  Fashionable people attend art openings, artists attend fashion shows and at times, are muses for each other. These two genres of art have always been inexplicably connected.  While, I don’t see art as trendy or fast, like fashion, I do see art that endures, that moves beyond the darling of the moment.  Some actually languishing in obscurity just to be adored posthumously.  Art is timeless, essential, and for everyone.  Great art is moving, confrontational, and it never goes out of style.  I hope you find some interesting artists in our edit and if you have any to share, let us know. 



words by Milli Dawson

Art is everywhere. It is in our homes, on our walls, on sidewalks, and on train cars, it is the clothes on our bodies, and the music we listen to and how we perfect the way we dance. It surrounds us and inspires us. The artists I am mostly drawn to give me a sense of nostalgia and allow me to form stories around their pieces. 


I think like most things, the more you see art, the more and less you understand it. Perhaps this is its charm. Art’s charm is the ability for anyone to interpret as they please. At the bare minimum, at the surface level, we can take any inspiration we so desire. Enjoy Habits’ favorite artists and galleries.

As Habits travels the world for buying trips, we often prioritize seeing art outside of fashion. Art and fashion go hand in hand. All pieces of clothing start by putting pen to paper, then drawing. Hundreds and thousands of sketches are made before patterns, drapes, and seams are sewn and made. Events like the Met Gala are exceptional in how these two things blend. Art and fashion are also greatly shown in the Dior Museum and Avant-Garde collections! Art inspires fashion and fashion inspires art. We will continue to make seeing fashion installations, art installations, designers, artists, eating delicious food, and listening to new music part of our daily habits.

The following article dives deep into a collection on view at the Centre Pompidou, located in the Marais neighborhood in Paris. The collection shows the relationship between art and fashion, specifically highlighting Yves Saint Laurent. 


words by Cade Hawks

Art is necessary, no matter what field you work in. Anything can be art if you attach a certain feeling or mood to it. Fashion is art because it is deeply personal and tells a story without coming right out and saying it. Whenever I travel I make sure I go see some kind of artwork, whether its an a modern art museum, a history museum, or a natural science museum. There is inspiration and fascinating things to be found everywhere. Everything you consume influences you in some way or another, so might as well surround yourself with amazing art, and things you love. No one else can replicate you and your creativeness, so dress how you want and like what you like!

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