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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 69 | Spring/Summer '24

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 69 | Spring/Summer '24


A brief summary of what we saw for next spring and summer. From trends, to inspiration here are the major themes to look out for.

Every market brings new ideas and inspiration.  it’s the best time to not only view new collections from our favorite brands but also to get inspired by the city.  Jackson is home and I am always so glad to get back. Nonetheless, in order to become better at what I do, I need to look outside my own world and go out into another one.  

This particular market week presented some wonderful new opportunities. I had a chance to meet new designers that bring me back to the reason I love what I do.  A peek into their atelier and to hear their stories. The discovery, the curation, and the inspiration to bring to you the best and interesting brands I can find. If you find a new favorite, then I have done my job.  

As we think about looking to spring, I see smaller brands, smaller curations, and pops of lovely red. We saw beautiful blues,  always crisp whites and green is still strong for spring.  

The weather this time was spectacular and while we walked endlessly around the city, I didn’t have time to view any of the current exhibits going on in the art world. I did stumble upon the most artistically curated shops that were just as inspirational. A wonderful atelier where they create their own clothing, pottery, and art.  But also have this amazing collection of archival Japanese clothing.  A Japanese jewelry designers shop so serene it felt like walking into a museum. These are the moments that inspire me to do more and be better at what I do. Mediocrity and apathy is the death of creativity.  



Incredible, baggy, comfortable, and soft denim is here to stay. We cannot get enough of shaped denim that feels good. You will not see skinny jeans at Habits however, we have selected a few safe pieces that are still stylish and refined. 

Loose and draped cotton shirting will forever be a classic staple at Habits. This Spring you will see lots of “the perfect white button-up” accented with stripes or a hint of blue. This is Habits Style. 

Loafers and flats are here to stay. Soft leathers and flat soles, are the perfect forever shoes to compliment any fit you may wear. Habits will continue to carry our favorite, Jamie Haller, and just wait until you see her perfect shoe silhouettes for spring.



There was one common thread we noticed for the Spring selection and it was the color Poppy Red. As many of you know, Arcy has a sweet Boston Terrier named Poppy, she must have been our muse this season. Pops of bright red were seen everywhere. It all started at Hannoh with the perfect red blazer jacket...just wait until you get your hands on this one. At Hannoh we saw deep indigo blues, crisp whites, soft whites, and poppy red. This was the beginning of the spring theme... “Americana”. 

For Spring Summer 2024 (a long ways from now), you can expect to add a fun pop to your closet from Habits.


We were so lucky to stay at our dear friend, Kristina’s place in The Bowery. She has the most beautiful apartment with art on every wall and beautiful windows that open to the city. She fills her home with good music and the delicious food she makes. She is also the master behind the lens for all the Habits photoshoots. Our New Yorker shared her home with us this week and we are grateful to have her. Love you, Kristina!


One of the best things you can do whilst visiting one of the world’s greatest cities is wander down those little streets. The streets lead you to perfect “hole-in-the-wall” shops, eateries, and treasures. These places inspire us, show us new things, and broaden our horizons; they fill our cups. 

New York is always good for that. Delicious food, new finds, fresh faces, culture, art, friends. The city is filled with so much life and streets to wander. 

Habits loves New York. We fill our trips with appointments, friends, great eats, and art. New York gives us a window to the world and we get to bring our views back to you...back to Jackson Hole.


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