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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 57 | A Habits Summer


Summer in Jackson is a special time of year. With the long winters it no wonder people take full advantage of the warm weather.



It’s officially the start to Summer here in Jackson.  Days are longer, flowers are starting to pop, and everyone is enjoying the sunshine. 

What is a Habits Summer?  It’s not too different from everyone else’s summer.   River Swimming, Sloshies in the sun, great hikes, Farmer’s Markets, outdoor cooking, and gathering with your friends that have been in hibernation all winter. 

What makes it a habits summer is our own personal ways to celebrate a magical time of year in the mountains.  A Habits summer involves getting our gardens going, finding new places to walk in the mountains, charging up the Ebike, switching out winter wardrobes for the summer one, and lots of porch sitting with a delicious cocktail. 

It was a long winter and mother nature is still teasing us.  Early season summer means the fields and trails are an explosion of the most verdant green you have ever seen.  Peak flower season will be and is already starting to go off.  My summer plans will be to get out on the trails less traveled, use my herb garden for fresh cocktails and dishes, enjoy the solitude of my home away from the crowds that descend upon us each season, and gather my dear friends for good old fashioned cook outs.  

Of course it wouldn’t be a Habits summer without the style portion.  I unpacked my gauze Raquel Allegra dresses,  ballet flats,  favorite linen blazers, and Hannoh skirts.  Easy dressing is the best dressing for summer.  Dresses, skirts, and a great pair of flats.  And don’t forget the natural SPF your big straw hat.  Because simple and stylish is Habits Style.



Summer in the Tetons is so special. The energy of the town shifts, the sun feels warm again, and the air feels lighter. That first day of warm sunshine seems to heal all the bitterness and coldness from the long Winter, life is easy once again. 
As someone who does not ski, Winters are long. This Winter especially. Summer, however, is for everyone!
Everyone can be outside and enjoy the sweet Summertime. Personally, I enjoy my season in so many different ways. I like to view Summer as a "reset", a time of peace. I find that simple pleasures like eating dinner on the deck, laying in the sun on Saturdays, and going for long walks are extra special this time of year!
Jackson also shifts. There are so many happenings in the Summer that keep us entertained. I love going to the People's Market, Farmer's Market, outdoor concerts, weddings, events, and more! Something about beautiful weather that helps you get out more often. 


Summer evenings are sacred times. When the sun stays out for so long, I can't help but want to be a part of the light. Staying up late, having fires, and going out to dinner are all more enjoyable when you have the company of the sunshine! I love to share these moments with my closest friends and loved ones. 
This Summer, when I am sitting on my deck with a glass of wine post work, you can find me in my favorite dresses from Habits. Raquel Allegra Silk, 6397 Cotton, and Chimala denim will be my "go-tos" this season. A love Habits Summer when new jewelry, art, and clothing are constantly pouring into the shops. It is inspiring and only adds to the airy feel of sweet sweet Summer. 

Summertime in Jackson is deeply nostalgic for me. I was born and raised here and only have amazing memories of the summers here. For me it meant hanging out at lakes and rivers, hiking through the Tetons, climbing, mountain biking, going to free concerts, and hanging out with old friends.

The first thing I think about is the Snake River. People flock to the river to escape the heat wether it means floating down the river or hanging out on the banks and swimming. Habits’ first menswear launch was inspired by walking alongside the river, and all the natural beauty that comes with it. It has become such a popular spot for people to lounge that . I also can’t talk about hanging on the river without talking about Sloshies. A powerful boozy slushie with just enough sugar so you can drink it faster than intended. Habits has the perfect attire for these outings, such as the Sage De Cret button up, a cozy tee from Sunray, and a perfect jacket from Reese Cooper. 

One of my personal favorite places that I make sure to always go to when I am back in town is Streetfood. The food is pretty good, but the best thing about Streetfood is the outside seating. Its tucked right under Teton Pass and has a lot of picnic tables, which makes it the perfect place have a burger, drink a beer, and catch up with old friends. The evenings can get cold in Jackson so I usually go for my all time favorite sweater, a black Reese Cooper hoodie.

I have since moved out of Jackson and currently live in New York City. Every time I come back to Jackson I am reminded of the beauty, and peace the valley has to offer.

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