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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 56 | Fathers Day Edition

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 56 | Fathers Day Edition



This Sunday we take a moment to be grateful for our Fathers and everything they have done for us. If you are in need of a gift, we got you covered.


MY FATHER words by Arcy Hawks

It’s Father’s Day!  As the only girl in a family of three boys, I have a special relationship with my father.  He has always been my champion and  I guess you could say I was a daddy’s girl. A bit spoiled but mostly just loved.  Seems a running theme here is how untraditional our respected fathers are and how they are true individuals. My father was traditional in the sense that he worked 9-5 5 days a week, but untraditional in that he is Hispanic, which never stopped him from helping my mom keep the house and raise us, kids.  He was traditional because he was my brother’s little league coach, Scoutmaster to the boy scouts, and put up a basketball hoop in the backyard.  But untraditional in being accepting of all the kids in our little hood.  Everyone was welcome at our house no matter what and always had a place at the table.  Always gave every kid the benefit of the doubt and taught us to be kind and inclusive.  Untraditional because as a  Hispanic father of a girl, he never made me feel less.  He taught me how to play baseball and basketball, and how to hook a worm for fishing.  I was just another one of his sons and we would put on the boxing gloves and spar.  He said I could be anything I wanted. 

If you know the culture you will know this is not common. He was an individual who stood up for the kids being pushed around, he stood up for his nephew when he came out to his family and was rejected by his own sister and mother.  My father accepted and always stayed in touch with him.  He is a great dancer too.  We would do the boogie-woogie at every family wedding. He has great style and would pick up GQ magazine every now and then. He wore Zoot suits in the 50’s and sharp suits. 

He likes a good cigar, a hit of weed every now and then, and whiskey. If I were to dress my dad at Habits it would definitely be in an Officine suit, a Chimala short sleeve shirt, a pair of common project sneakers, and a One of These Days coaches jacket.  He’d look Fire. 

Cheers to all the fathers making memories and loving their kids.  Because that is what I think makes a great father.  


MY FATHER words by Cade Hawks

I definitely did not have a normal childhood. My dad is a tough Wyoming climber, and a craftsman, he loves all kinds of bikes and is an adventurer. He has climbed with the best in the world at Camp 4 in Yosemite and has owned multiple businesses. Some of the most standout memories I have with my dad when I was a kid take place deep in the wilderness. Trekking through mountains, riding bikes through the desert, sleeping under the stars with no tent, and even getting lost in grizzly bear country with a .44 strapped to my side. I was pushed to be tough, but the most important thing was always to be a good person. The older I get, the more I appreciate my dad’s lessons. The respect my dad taught me for life, nature, and the importance of knowledge, and confidence has carried me far. My father is one of the strongest people I know, as well as one of the most kind-hearted. One minute he’s working on dirtbikes, the other he’s giving a 6-month-old puppy a bath in the kitchen sink. He was a guide in the Tetons for over 30 years without ever failing a trip in the mountains. My dad always had a great appreciation for high quality and specifically lightweight gear. I remember being taught detailed lessons on how to dress in the mountains. For example, always have a shell with a hood, don’t wear any cotton, and bring layers. I think he would appreciate the design aspects of Nanamica here at Habits. They utilize all kinds of technology in their fabrics like Gore-Tex beanies.

 To say that he is an inspiration is an understatement. Even his daily uniform is somewhat inspiring. The Patagonia top paired with Carhartts and some approach shoes. (I have never known another person to totally destroy double knee Carhartts in the amount of time he can.) Although the uniform is simple, there are clear decisions. All the choices stem from function and quality. He showed me pictures of when he was younger and climbing in Gramicci shorts and pants. Gramicci is a brand rooted in climbing, and my dad knew the founder back in the 80s. Later, the brand was sold and disappeared for years. Recently, Gramicci has come back to the US and we are excited to bring it to Habits this August. 

If I were to style my dad with pieces from Habits it would have to be Sunray Tees, Chimala denim, Nanamica overshirts, and One of These Days hoodies.


MY FATHER words by Milli Dawson

My Father taught me how to draw. He would sit with me for hours in our little house on the prairie and he would teach me how to draw a barn, with perspective. I often think about how I view the world and perceive my surroundings; I believe this started with the barn drawings. Understanding perspective is so important, in drawing, and in life. My Father has taught me much about perspective. 

He wasn’t a typical Dad; the kind of football-loving, sports-playing Dad that most others had. He is untraditional. He is a cattle rancher and a large animal veterinarian that possibly doesn’t even know how to throw a football properly. Although different, I feel so lucky to have him. He taught me and continues to teach me things that most do not know. He taught me how to drive when I was eight; I had to sit on four phone books to see over the wheel. He used to take me out for hours to bail hay and dig irrigation ditches. He taught me how to check for pregnancy in a heifer. He taught me how to plant trees and to care for them. He taught me how to sew, but not in a typical way. I learned by watching him suture various animal cuts. To say the least, it was an interesting childhood but it was brilliant. I watched so much life, and constant giving to animals, others, and the earth. He has taught me how to give back. 


Tim Dawson is one of those “Last of the Old West” kind of guys. He is the kind of cowboy that wears Wranglers accented by a chewing tobacco can in the back right pocket, a belt that he has had for 40 years, and cowboy boots that yes, have been ducted taped back together several times. For the 25 years that I have known this man, that has been his everyday uniform, designed to last. Designed to last, like most of his unintended teachings. He has always been who he is, and for that, I am so grateful to have witnessed it. Although, misunderstood at times, with a little perspective you can always appreciate him for sticking to who he is. As my father, he encourages me to be who I am as well.

Here’s to the untraditional dads, the ones who give us perspective, the ones that give us unique life skills, and the ones who forever encourage us to be who we are! 

I would love to take Tim into Habits and witness him walk around. He would be shocked and laugh at the things that are not practical, however beautiful they may be. I would love to dress him in some of our Men’s Chimala denim and a great button-up from Chimala, topped with the Reese Cooper Cotton Work jacket. But frankly, it just isn’t him! Perhaps someday, I will treat him with Chimala denim and give him perspective on how great and practical Habits can be. Happy Father’s Day! 




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