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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 59 | Habits Hike

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 59 | Habits Hike

Habits Hike


The Habits team guide to the great outdoors. In this edit we dive into our favorite hikes, wildflowers, and what we wear when decide to spend time in nature.



Hiking in the tetons requires a bit more gear. I wear a long sleeve Frank and Eileen white shirt, chimala chino shorts, a Lola Hat, and my favorite hiking shoes from Hoka.  If it’s longer than a couple of hours, I bring a lightweight shell and a big bottle of water.

- Arcy


I have amazing memories hiking in the Tetons and around Jackson. Recently my go to pieces for moving around outside and being comfy are a pair of Gramicci shorts or pants, a Sunray white tee, and a pair of Reese Cooper Wilson Boots. I would wear the Wilson boot on everything except for when you are required to carry a 60lb pack. Gramicci has proven itself as my new favorite functional clothing line. I love the way the clothes and graphics look, and they perform better than expected. I only climb and hike in Gramicci now. Don’t forget a jacket with a hood when hiking in the Tetons!

- Cade


No matter the hike, I have a go-to fit. It starts with my Sunray white T-Shirt; I like the cropped fit and it allows for much breathability. I always throw my Patagonia baggies on, they seem to be the most comfortable and I like the deep pockets. I also have some 8-year-old Gramicci shorts that are often a “go to”. Consistently, I like to hike in a trail running shoe. They are lightweight and never make me feel weighed down. I always like to pack a windbreaker/waterproof layer and a sweater or hoodie; you never know when you will need an extra layer in an afternoon thunderstorm. Recently, I got some pieces from Prisim at Habits and I hiked in them and then jumped in a lake. They were the perfect addition to my go-to hiking fit.

- Milli




SKI LAKE    Arcy’s Pick

One of Jackson’s more popular hikes. Located on Teton Pass this three mile out and back hike is perfect for a short hike with great views. The relatively mellow terrain makes it easy for dogs and conservations with friends. The best time to go is mid to late summer, and in the early morning. Best to avoid mosquitoes, and be able to find parking. Ski Lake


This hike can be considered moderate to hard, depending on how far you decide to go. Goodwin Lake is on the way to Jackson Peak, and if you want it can be a great place to spend the night. The summit has incredible views of the valley and the Tetons. The overall distance for Jackson Peak is about 10.5 miles out and back. Goodwin Lake sits at about 6.4 out and back. This hike is best mid to late summer as the lake, and peak can hold snow through June.

Goodwin Lake

SNOW KING   Habits’ Pick

Located in the heart of downtown Jackson, Snow King has become a staple hike for locals. It is about 3.8 miles out and back, but what Snow King lacks in distance more than makes up for in steepness. This quick hike is perfect for getting in some exercise before or after work, and you can do it even faster by taking the ski lift back down to the base. Maybe save your knees too. Snow King is summited year round, but in the summer we recommend going when you can no longer see snow at the top.

Snow King Mountain


Environmental stewardship is highly important when planning a trip, no matter how big or small. An article discussing land ethics and outdoor stewardship states, “Environmental stewardship promotes the responsible use and protection of the environment. Responsible use and protection of the environment is achieved through conservation and sustainable practices”. ( One of the biggest take aways is the concept of Leave No Trace. Wherever you go, and whatever you do in the outdoors you should not leave any impact. For example, be sure to properly dispose of any human waste, respect wildlife, do not touch ancient artifacts such as pictographs. Do not pick flowers or take any rocks. Living in Jackson Hole we care deeply for the environment. We are in the business of selling clothes which is harmful for the environment. This is why we focus on working with small producers who use sustainable practices. These pieces are high-quality and last a lifetime. Our most sustainable designers are Sunray Sportswear, and Maria McManus. The most sustainable garment is the one already in your closet, so buy something you love and will last. We are trying leaving as little trace as we can in all aspects of our lives.

Good Things Grow Here

Wildflower Guide



A fine art photography series inspired by botanical illustration. The artform is both a medium for scientific record and an appreciation for the aesthetics of plants and flowers. During walks in the field specimens are carefully harvested and transported to my studio. Using techinques of modern photography their complexity and unique character are revealed in incredible detail. The result is a contemporary interpretation of classic botanical art celebrating the ephemeral beauty of wild flora in Jackson Hole.

– Taylor Glenn


Taylor Glenn’s opening reception will be held 7. 12. 23 at our Westbank location. Be sure to follow us on instagram and check our website for further details and updates.

Taylor Glenn Photography

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