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Be Proud

Be Proud

83% of LGBTQ hide their identity.   Imagine hiding how you identify?  The thought of not being accepted by your family, friends, and society.  The Global Closet is the name of a study at Yale that shows the affects of hiding your identity and how it leads to the physical and mental health problems of our LGBTQ community.  

June is Pride month and we are Proud to be a supporter and sponser of JHPride

Being in a western town might not seem the likely place for Pride Month, but isn't that exactly why people came out west?  To have freedom to pray, work, and live the life they wanted?  The rugged individual took on adversity and was usually the black sheep of some family that did not understand them or their need to be an individual.   To live their life free from the constraints of society. That's as western as you get.  

We in this western space support and are very Proud of our LGBTQ community. 

Be Proud!

jh pride 

rainbow steps istanbul

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  • Carolyn Montgomery

    Hi Arcy!
    So proud of you and the crew at Habits! …how beautifully you’re getting this very important message out to all of us.
    Carolyn ❤️

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