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Winny di Filippo Il Bisonte

Spaghetti Western

Il Bisonte leather goods always spark a wonderful conversation with its followers and clients.  Most who have a cherished memory of studying abroad, family vacations, or post college European trips to Florence and especially a  trip to the Il Bisonte shop for their first good handbag.  In the the heart of the Tuscan region, Florence, Il Bisonte has been crafting leather goods since the seventies.  

Wanny Di Filippo started his eponymous brand in 1970 with one thing in mind. To create timeless style.  Made in the heart of Florence surrounded by  centuries old leather artisans.  He creates leather goods in old world traditions with a nod to the western style.  

What attracted us to Il Bisonte, which translates to The Bison, is the link between our western heritage of rugged everlasting leather goods with the sophistication of the Italian way.  Blending both beautifully. 

An Il Bisonte bag is meant to last a lifetime .  We love it because it is Habits Style. 

florence italy il bisonte


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