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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 80 | Maker's Market

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 80 | Maker's Market


We are hosting a gathering for passionate people to showcase their amazing ideas and products. Come by on Saturday the 16th for the all day event and support local creatives! Be sure to check your email and follow us on Instagram for updates!



words by Arcy Hawks

Makers Markets are as old as it gets.  They are reported to have begun over 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt.  Farmers and craftsmen met in urban spaces to sell their wares.  Most purchases were made in trades.

Early English markets were awarded to local lords to create markets around fairs and festivals.  This became a series of markets that gave consumers choices.  Which can be seen now in maker markets popping up during certain times of the year. Holidays, music festivals, and summer.

Part of the Makers Market is not only to show our support for local makers but to highlight our community as well. Whether that community is local or global.

The maker markets afford opportunities for makers to sell their goods in a generous community setting that supports the maker. The intimacy of this type of selling and the originality of the work is what speaks to Habits style.  Small, creative, passionate.  Please stop by on December 16th to support these amazing artists.  Grab a gift, a nibble, and some tasty beverages.


Our Makers Market is a hub for local artisans and makers who showcase their unique talents and creativity. In this Sunday Edit, we will take a closer look at some of the talented makers who contribute to the charm and character of our market. From handmade jewelry to wooden bowls, and fine art, our makers are diverse in their offerings and passionate about their craft. We’ll share their stories and learn more about the makers. Join us as we celebrate the creativity and talent of our local makers!

A little background on some of our makers. We also asked them a few burning questions.


Sam Winship is a local maker.  He grew up in Victor Idaho, where his workshop (WestBirch Studios) is located, and found his way to LA for a bit.  An avid skier and an all-around valley kid.  Upon his return to the valley, he started to turn wood in his family’s workshop in downtown Victor.  The simplicity is lovely and we are thrilled to host him.  Sam’s favorite Movie is Banshees of Inisherin, his favorite genre of music is Rocksteady, and his celebrity crush is Tinkerbell.  You can also find Sam tending shop at Habits now and then.

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Lexi Forsyth is a true local.  Born and raised in Wilson Wyoming she headed off to Hobart College. Coming home inspired her to start her company, Switch Fleece.  Sold in several outdoor shops and online at Backcountry, Lexi is continuing to grow her locally-made hat company.  You can also catch up with her as she slings coffee at Persephone.  Lexi’s favorite movie is aptly, Speed Racer, her favorite genre of music is psychedelic rock, and her celebrity crush is Adam Sandler (we could not agree more).

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Ally Giorno lives and works in Jackson running the Faherty shop.  She works primarily in oils but has been known to dabble in sculpture.  Originally from the city of brotherly love, Ally like most of us came out for a ski season. When she’s not painting you can probably find her in the mountains. Ali’s favorite movie is Almost Famous, her favorite music genre is Alternative/ Indie, and her celebrity crush is Kim Kardashian.

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Carrie Geraci is one of our favorites.  We have been featuring her art for a bit now and she gets better and better.  Working primarily in pastels, her local landscapes are a bit abstract in color but not in familiarity.  Carrie has lived in the valley for over 20 years raised her two sons and is currently the executive director of Public Art.  So when you see all those wonderful outdoor installations around town you can thank her or donate.  Carries favorite movie is Elf ( best Christmas movie ever!), her favorite music genre 80’s Pixies, and her celebrity crush is Bill Murray.

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Liv Ryan is a Brooklyn-based clothing designer who we happened to meet at one of our favorite shops in NYC, M. Crow.  Here cool girl vibe fits nicely at Habits.  It’s a bit androgynous with a feminine flair. Her interest in Architecture, Art, and cooking plays into her designs which are all produced in her studio located in Brooklyn.  Liv’s Favorite movie is Kiki’s Delivery Service and her favorite music genre is 90’s electronic house music but loves all genres, her celebrity crush is the indie musician, Alex G.

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Callie Mastrianni is a true creative.  Receiving her degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Illustration and ceramics, she creates a world in fiber, sculpture, illustrations, and weaving.  Currently, Callie is popping up with her fabulous chunky knits.  She states her pieces are meant to be playful, humorous, and whimsical, and worn every day, so why not?  Callie’s Favorite movie is Spirited Away, (it’s one of ours too!) her favorite genre of music is traditional  Irish folk or Y2kpop, Her celebrity crush is a tie! Julie Louise Dreyfuss and Harry Styles.

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