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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 79 | Shopping Local

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 79 | Shopping Local


With gift giving season right around the corner it is important to remember who is really holding it down and supporting your community.

words by Arcy Hawks

Community means a little bit more when the population hovers around 10,000.  It especially means more when you have lived in the same small town for over 30 years.

When covid was just beginning to impact local businesses, a small group of women owned local businesses started a group chat.  We didn’t know who to ask for guidance and what we should do collectively to get through it.  It was a lovely way for us to make decisions, commiserate, and encourage each other. 

We still get on there for help finding employees, how is the season going, are you closed for the off season, etc. It’s also been great to collaborate on events.  This past Spring we had a super sale shop crawl. We joined forces in advertising, graphics, and gave extra perks.  It was a great success and this year we are teaming up for a Holiday crawl.

I am sure I don’t have to remind anyone how important shopping local and small means to our community.  It’s impact on the local economy is big, but the biggest gain for me, is that we can keep our shop doors open, we can make a living doing what we love and work for ourselves.  We can offer mentorships, curated spaces, and a connection to our community that no large corporate business can do. 

It’s knowing the people who walk in the door and asking how your kids are doing, or how was your spring break.  It’s getting a Happy Birthday text from a lovely client, it’s contributing to local nonprofits that you have a deep passion for and add such depth to our town.

Shopping local and small is also in my opinion one of the best ways to lead a more sustainable existence.  Most small businesses also work with small businesses. It’s not fast fashion or overstocked racks that are constantly on sale, it’s not over producing or over consuming because as a small business we can not survive like that.  We are also hopefully more thoughtful. You can talk to a human business owner about a problem and get it resolved.

This season our Holiday crawl will include not the just ladies on our group chat(Terra, Altitude, Penny Lane, Midnight Lunch, Accuntuate, and Workshop) but many small shops around our charming town square.  If you are lucky enough to be in Jackson Hole on December 14th stroll the square for beautiful and amazing things and perhaps a little treat.  Stop by we will be offering a small discount, sweet treats, and warm smiles.

See you There!

Just as enough tiny droplets of water slowly fill a bucket, the growth of small businesses fills the U.S. economy. Big corporations might get a lot of attention when it comes to creating jobs, but small businesses employ more people and are more resilient when times get tough.

- Forbes



words by Cade Hawks 

Shopping at small, independently owned businesses is something special. Growing up in Jackson I was surrounded by small businesses and ended up working in many across the valley. I learned to really appreciate the value of an independent shop owner. They are truly connected to the community, and the people know and respect them. This starts to create a whole micro community within the already small community. Its easy to be become regular somewhere in a small town, and its worth it too. Getting involved, supporting and talking to people is not only fun, but helps drive the local economy.

Now I live in New York, and avoiding major chains or corporations can be difficult. That being said, the small businesses here have created something truly special. They know they can’t beat the cheap prices of these big companies, so they have created a unique experience, and offer something special you cannot find anywhere else. There are days where I will walk to my favorite local boutiques and discover something amazing. Whether its discovering a new brand, or chatting with the people behind the counter and learning something new about the business. These small, more intimate settings makes you feel cozy, and that you truly stumbled into something special. Versus the glaring overhead LED lights at any fast fashion retailer. Where there is no soul, just low prices for pieces guaranteed to fall apart over the next few months. Not to mention those fast fashion retailers are most likely ripping off your favorite local boutique.

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