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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 81 | Print Is Not Dead!

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 81 | Print Is Not Dead!


At Habits we love the tangible, whether its fashion, paintings, photograpy, zines, newspapers, and so on. Anything that represents the creative pursuit and was created to sit in the physical world. Which is somethig that can feel foreign nowadays.


Words by Arcy Hawks

Some time at the beginning of this year, I sat with my co-workers as we started to do every Wednesday to brainstorm our social, emails, Sunday edits, and our to do lists for the week. 

We started to talk about a look book, catalog or some sort of print media we could share with our clients.  We talked about how much we love magazines, reading good books, and how old fashioned of us to want to read an actual newspaper.

We talked about how much Habits style is about slow.  Not just slow fashion but the thoughtful sense of slowing down. The times we visit with our clients and forgo the to do list. When we sift through new arrivals and try them on inspecting the details and the feel of the fabric. How much we love when designers send these amazing lookbooks and we can truly understand the creativity. 

 I was once a very avid reader. I love to read and can get so wrapped in my book that I could lose hours.  I still love books, bookstores, and the feel of them.  I also love a good indie publication.  One that caters to the like minded client. Not a glossy ad after ad one that wants to be everything to everybody. When I first took over Habits as my own I carried a couple of indie publications and they were beautiful in the writing, photos, and passion.  Alas, they did not go over as well as I wanted and I sadly stopped selling them.  One of my favorites was a travel magazine called Boat.

This magazine moved their entire studio and staff to a different location each time and totally immersed themselves in the culture.  Not a 3 days in New York type scenario but a slow one. We also sold Cereal which I also love for their slow approach to travel.


Lately, I have noticed a resurgence for print in branding.  Ralph Lauren recently start the Polo Gazette.  Tyler the Creator launched a comic book.  Good Hood, one of my retail crushes, released their annual holiday newspaper.  The ever so stylish and curator bar none, Sarah Andelman, is curating a Book themed exhibit at The Bon Marche in Paris. 

As you might have guessed by now, we decided to start our own newspaper. It took a while to get all our ideas into one cohesive thought. We must have come up with many iterations and as time kept getting the better of us and summer in Jackson on the town square moves a bit faster then we would like it took a bit to bring it across the finish line. But we finally settled on a look into us. Habits Style. Our philosophy and what we have been about for a bit.  We enlisted the help of my nephew, Charlie Hawks, to photograph an evening, we interviewed some of our designers, and we shared our thoughts on what makes up Habits Style.  This is a truly collaborative project.  My son, Cade Hawks did an amazing job of putting the whole together, Milli helped with styling and concepts, and we did a fabulous job. 

This edit shows some love to print. We share some of our favorite magazines and books.

We hope you will stop by Habits and pick up your own copy of our Newspaper. 



Words by Milli Dawson

Growing up in Cheyenne, there was this special bookstore called “City News. After dance practice in an old brick three-story building in Downtown Cheyenne, I would beg my mother to take me to “City News”. I remember it smelled like books coffee, and fresh popcorn. More often than not, we didn’t buy anything but going in for free smells was fulfilling enough for us. This was likely the time I fell in love with books. It wasn’t just reading that I loved, it was the entire experience. The smell of the books, the front cover design, the way they felt with imprinted words and author’s notes. “City News” felt like a small window to the rest of the world from my small. western town and that is the feeling I loved. No computer or online publication, blog, or art can replicate that feeling.

I love being at Habits because it, too, is a window to the rest of the world, in a little western town! It aligns with classic print and we are so excited to showcase what we have been secretly working so hard on! Great writing and storytelling are something that feels harder to find these days, it takes time, effort, and some self-humiliation. We hope you enjoy our stories, images, and the feeling of a newspaper in your hands!

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