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Why we Love Them: Raquel Allegra

Why we Love Them: Raquel Allegra

We continue to share our love for our designers.  We are talking about one of our best selling collections as well as our personal favorite, Raquel Allegra.  

Some of you might be super fans already and know-how this collection came to be.  What started out as a t-shirt line created from LA county jail vintage tees deconstructed, and shredded, morphed into the iconic tie-dyed and shredded cocoon tees that put Raquel Allegra on the map.

  Everything about Raquel Allegra speaks easy, casual, Cali cool.  From the cotton gauze poet blouses and dresses to the silk tie-dyed easy pant. It is the reach for pieces that I look for each season.  I probably own more Raquel Allegra than any other designer in the shop. It's easy, uncomplicated, and always stylish. 

 We also love that most of the collection is made in LA and all the tie-dye is individually hand done. 

Habits wants everything you buy from us to last, be your favorite pieces and reach for over and over.  Raquel Allegra ticks those boxes.  That's why we love it.  


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