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Why We Love them.  Chimala

Why We Love them. Chimala

Continuing our series, we feature the Japanese denim brand, Chimala. 

The first time I saw a pair of Chimalas, it was on Pinterest about 4 years ago.   I couldn't find much about the brand or the designer and much less where to buy them.  I finally found a contact on their website and scheduled an appointment to see them in New York.  

We met a lovely gal named Erica, who is also a true fangirl, and she walked us through the collection.  I fell in love instantly but knew this was going to be a tough sell for Jackson, WY.  I mean we love a good pair of dungarees out here in the wild west, but these were unlike anything we had seen in a long time.  Rigid, raw, selvedge Japanese denim.  Just how things were worn back in the day.

I had to have them for Habits. I had to convince myself and all the skinny jean addicts to loosen up! Well, I have and I'm not going back. After all, if the uber stylish Jenna Lyons is a super fan then they must be amazing.   

Noriko Machada is the designer behind Chimala and authentic is her passion. All of Chimala denim is meticulously hand distressed and woven on pre-war shuttle looms that at one time made American denim.   This type of denim and process is rare for women's jeans and makes them worth every penny.  

I love every pair of Chimalas that I own.  They are my go-to jeans and at market, last season, one of my reps commented on the fact that I was not wearing a pair of Chimalas. I know they will last and become a coveted vintage pair that I will keep forever.  

This is why we LOVE them. 

chimala jeans chimala monroe jean



chimala jeans


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