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Menswear Sale! 30% off discount applied at checkout. Ends Wednesday the 17th of July.

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We are all in this together

We are all in this together

We are all going through a difficult time. Lost jobs, the loss of social interaction, worries about our health, and an overall sense of uncertainty. 

I don't know how this will change us or Habits, but it's certain that there will be change.  I'm hopeful that I will still be here and considerate of Habits and it's direction. 

My hope is that we will all be more thoughtful with regard to consumerism.  Whether it is continuing to support your local economy or a small business elsewhere. It could be buying less and buying a better product.  Considerating where your clothes are manufactured.  Who's making them, how are they being made and how thoughtful is the brand.  Eschewing fast fashion for thoughtful fashion.

I have been highlighting throughout our Instagram, the people behind the clothing and the industry.  Designers, showroom, reps, and the process.  I am hoping to give more clarity to the fact that fashion is a business first and foremost but also a passionate one with many moving parts. It's easy to fill your cart online and hit buy, but it takes more effort and thought when you are face to face with the product and the people who have worked to bring it to you. 

In-store shopping is the best form of responsible consumerism. When you go to a physical location, you are instantly invested. Trying on the product, talking and developing a relationship with the shopkeeper, wandering through the shop are all tangible and real.  

I am committed to keeping the brands that follow my criteria for a thoughtful product. Beautifully executed, made, and enduring. Designers that care about me, my shop, you, and most importantly that we are all in this together.  I hope to continue this journey with all of you. 





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