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Reese Cooper's Wilderness

Reese Cooper's Wilderness

    A wave of young designers are making and creating on their own terms.  Reese Cooper is one who is quickly making his mark.  With a strong connection to the wilderness and a nod to streetwear, he is leading the pack with the gorpcore trend.  He has caught the attentions of many streetwear afficiandos and written up in Highsnobiety and recently filmed a documentary with Stockx about his process. 

     When living in London and interning for Bape, he set about to create his own collections with no prior knowledge or point of study.  He found a seamstress in London who helped him with patterns and educated him on the ins and out of fabrication.  Self taught and with a direction he moved to LA and began to launch a capsule collection on his terms.  The collections now are all made in LA. 

  Reese Cooper is one of those designers that does not hold onto his work like a precious secret, but one who is willing and honored to share his work and process.  During the pandemic he offered a Chore Jacket kit as a DIY project with his pattern, fabric, and instructions. This hoping to inspire the future Reese Cooper. 

As we move forward with Reese we are excited to announce the addition of Menswear and along with the ever growing Womens' collection. 

Reese Cooper is Habits Style. 

reese cooper vest



reese cooper laser print jacket



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