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magnolia pearl tee

With municipal officials texting residents to prepare for the equivalent of a state of emergency, grocery stores reporting empty shelves and record sales, and estimations of upwards of 100,000 people descending on our little town; pre-eclipse hysteria is in full swing here in Jackson.

We at Habits are doing our best to take it all in stride (although we did—we must admit—stock up on wine and vodka—hey, you never know). To give those who are tired of looking heavenward a break, we will open at one o'clock in the afternoon of August 21 and then will resume regular hours for the rest of Eclipse Week. 

Apolis Tote

While we have no Eclipse wares per se, we do have full moon tees by Magnolia Pearl, as well as our exclusive Apolis Jackson Hole tote and Scosha coordinates bracelet, hand stamped with Jackson's latitude and longitude. 

Scosha coordinates bracelets


Stop by the store and say howdy.

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