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Arcy of Habits at the Eiffel Tower

Habits Hits Paris for Fashion Week


     Neither teeming rain nor a few inside-out umbrellas could dampen the spirits of our Habits crew during Paris Fashion Week. We felt completely at home with the Parisian women who were our kindred spirits fashion-wise—necks encased in gorgeous scarves, chic coats, practical yet still elegant shoes.


By far the best part were all the incredible designers. Some were old friends, whom Habits had carried but we’d never met, such as Maria Rudman (purveyor of gorgeous reindeer hide bracelets crafted by members of the Sami tribe); or Jean Francois Mimilla, who creates stunning necklaces from vintage beads (including antique rosary beads). We’ve been carrying his necklaces and bracelets for about three years now.

And then there were the “finds,” such as the jewelry line,  Parts of 4 whose weighty silver and brass rings, bracelets and pendants can be worn by men or women. Or Anekalena Skarestrom’s stunning leather trousers, all made in Paris; or Emma Hope’s luxurious velvet shoes.

For many of these designers, Habits is one of a very small group of sellers in the  United States. So come by the store in late spring and check out all of our Parisian gems.

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