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Behind the Scenes at Habits: Susan Durkin


While some of us are scouting out Paris Fashion week, we thought we’d take this chance to introduce you to one of our favorite Habits’ colleagues—Susan Durkin—who’s helping hold down the fort in Jackson. All it takes is a glance at Susan and you just know she’s cool. From her chic cropped hair, to her svelte figure (often adorned with scrapes from mountain biking), this is a woman who embodies Habits’ vision. For these reasons and more, we recently made Susan our customer liaison. Susan’s new role involves knowing each of our devoted customer’s style, so that when a piece comes in that looks just like you—expect a quick call or email from Susan alerting you to it.

Susan hails from Charleston, South Carolina, but like so many people in Jackson, she came out for a visit and knew in an instant that this small, mountainous outdoorsy town was where she had to be. That was 20 years ago. In the intervening years, she’s become a mountain-biking addict come summer, and a snow-worshipping skier of all types come winter. A former elementary school and now pre-school teacher, Susan has worked at Habits for the past five years. You’ll find her here virtually every weekend. During the week, Susan is busy corralling young ones as a Montessori pre-school teacher. Trust us, with that kind of background, this is a woman with patience. Nothing fazes her. When pressed for her favorite Habits’ designers, Susan confesses a deep love for VisVim, Sessun, Chimala jeans and Phillipe Model sneakers. “But I love it all!” she laughs.


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