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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 97 | Spring Reset


A change in the seasons calls for a change in ourselves. Time to take a step back, reflect, and realign for the summer ahead.


Words By: Arcy Hawks

April in the Mountains conjures images of green grass, flowers breaking through the snow, and longer days. But the reality can be a snowstorm dropping a foot of snow, potholes the size of Texas, and not much dirt to start that garden. While the rest of the country starts to get all the spring goodies, we get mud season.

This is a time of year when locals leave for warmer climates. The town becomes quiet, and some restaurants, hotels, and small local businesses close their doors for a couple of weeks.

This edit reminds us that we, too, need to thaw a little, take a much-needed break, and slow down. 

We will reduce our hours to get away for a bit.  Habits hours starting this week will be Wednesday- Saturday, 12-5.  We hope to emerge refreshed and out from under the snow.



Words By: Milli Dawson

The first sunny Spring day in Jackson changes everything. 52 degrees feels like 78 and the air is light again. I have been joking with my friends lately that I have become nice again since the sun came out. My heart and brain defrost along with the grass.

Mud season begins, your favorite restaurant is closed, you have to dodge potholes every 15 feet, and the crowds disappear. It is a good time to slow down and enjoy our beautiful home...or a good time to leave.

One of my favorite things about Jackson is leaving, only to come back. Let’s take a beak, go somewhere warm, or bundle up in our houses and spring clean while we wait for the best time of the year, summer in the Tetons.

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