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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 93 | Fashion Week

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 93 | Fashion Week


Our takeaways from our time in Paris.


Words By: Milli Dawson


Another Market/Fashion week has come and gone. We spent nine days in Paris looking at all kinds of beautiful pieces to bring home to Jackson next Fall. Chartreuse yellows, blacks, navy, and an unexpected pop of red were found in most collections. We are excited for our Fall/Winter 2024 finds. Expect to see delicious and cozy Extreme Cashmere in various styles and sizes. Your favorite trousers and denim with an urban twist from 6397 and new, soft & feminine shirting from A’Court.

We will see new brands at Habits in the upcoming fall: A’Court, Paraboot, Auralee, and Hazel Brown. Yes, we know some of you have missed Hazel Brown as we have, but you will be happy to know she is back and can be found in the shop very soon.     

We are eager to share that we brought our lovely friend Kristina Loggia with us to Paris. We spent days taking beautiful photos for Habits Newspaper n.02, coming in May. We look forward to sharing our Paris guide and finds in our paper.


Words By: Arcy Hawks

When I started buying for Habits independently, the palette was very much about neutrals. I was afraid of color because I did not wear color. For me, you wore it to attract attention like a peacock. Maybe it was my insecurities of not knowing what I was doing initially, and if I bought within this color scheme, it was safe, just like dressing for myself. It was safe. I could blend and hide. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. So, my curation and wardrobe reflected this style.

As I gained more confidence, the assortment changed, albeit slightly. Still, you could find olive green, orange, or a lovely print.

This season, several designers returned to that neutral color scheme. At Extreme Cashmere, there were no pops of color. They finally found the perfect black that they are happy with, and so are we. The navy is a perfect shade of blue, and the dark green is lovely. 6397 showed a fantastic selection of black and dark brown. R13 also had some great black and dark brown velvet that thrilled us to break away from our traditional denim.

Perhaps it is a reflection of the times. Fashion always reflects what is happening in our culture and political climate. It was a somber tone in terms of color but not in spirit. We still found a little brightness to bring these tones out of the dark. I hope you love what we have curated for you. I, of course, am thrilled to be back to my first love of a neutral wardrobe.

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