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Ageism isn’t just trending. We have been hearing quite a bit about it lately, and some designers have enlisted models in their 50s and up to walk the runway.


Words by Arcy Hawks

What’s trending? Maybe the trend is the wrong word. As we live longer and have better health, we also want to be a part of the world—the culture. Women especially feel invisible after 50. Most of us now have children in college; we may think about retirement or feel irrelevant.
Maybe we feel a little bit like we are past our prime. It is not as needed, or our opportunities
have passed as well. 

I don’t believe or subscribe to this thinking. We are full of potential, beauty, and relevance. We are the demographic with the most disposable income and the wisdom to problem-solve. Most of us no longer need the approval of our peers. What’s happening is the freedom women feel—the freedom to express themselves. 


Words by Arcy Hawks

There is power in doing things for your satisfaction. Not for someone else to judge. As a woman about to turn 60, I know that my value doesn’t lie in being wrinkle-free. It lies in my knowledge, experience, patience, and the fact that I no longer need everyone’s approval. These are things that come with time. I could not say any of this at 20, 30, or even 40.

The constant barrage of marketing fashion and products to 20-somethings to boost a brand is a missed opportunity. The authentic tastemakers, buyers, and style mavens are well beyond that demographic. We are at the head of the table, enlisted as style icons, breaking glass ceilings, and all while making a home. I have so many dear friends who fit this model to a tee. Women who have bucked the traditional system to create a life of passion and innovation. The most exciting person in the room is always the woman who thinks for herself.


Dressing into your 50s, 60’s, and 70’s should be infinitely exciting years. You have acquired taste, more disposable income, and vast knowledge. Here are a few Habits approved looks.


We are very excited to pick up Lyn Slaters, How to Be Old, a book on living boldly.  It is borderline required reading for any Habits fan who is entering their glory years.

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