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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 90 | Presidential Style

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 90 | Presidential Style


I wouldn’t say that most of our presidents have style.  Upon deciding to write a Sunday Edit about said non-existent style, we learned that a few did and were proud of it. Thomas Jefferson had all his clothing made in Paris.  Dwight Eisenhower designed his military jacket to certain specifications that would later become a military-issued garment.  FDR loved fashion and became known for his bow ties and elaborate capes. Who knew? 


Words by Arcy Hawks

But I think when we think about style in the White House, we naturally gravitate towards JFK.  His youth and good looks lent itself to good wardrobe choices. Not to mention being married to one of the chicest First Ladies ever.  Chunky fisherman sweaters while on holiday in Hyannis Port.  Slim suits and no hat.

Much is also written about the style of FDR.  He loved a good suit, bow ties, fancy pocket squares, and bountonniers.  He was also known to don a cape.  He cared about his appearance more than most presidents. 

Jimmy Carter’s style was not stylish but rather very plain.  He wore tweed and relaxed clothing.  Cardigans, which made him more of a Mr. Rogers character than a presidential.  He was not frivolous, and I think given the opportunity, he would have done wonderful things for humanity.


Words by Arcy Hawks

Ronald Reagan brought an old Hollywood vibe to his presidential style.  Opting for plaids, colorful ties, and well-fitted suits.  Nancy Reagan was also cut quite the stylish figure. 

Famous for his steel-gray hair, hazel eyes, and thick rimless glasses, Harry S. Truman was one of the most stylish Presidents in U.S. history.  Truman wore his suits with elegance to fit his frame, and they looked extremely good on him. He was known to wear bright-colored shirts and bow ties.

Truman was also fond of tight geometric patterns in deep blues and reds. As his presidency progressed, he transitioned into the slimmer, single-breasted suits to embody a sense of perfectionism.


Words by Sam Winship

We really can’t have a conversation about presidential style in this day and age without talking about Barack Obama. He has a distinct style in everything he does, which is what true style is isn’t it? Not just the way you dress, but the way you walk, talk, and carry yourself. 

While many of our past presidents have used the suit as the centerpiece for their style expression, (don’t get me wrong. Obama knows his way aroud a well tailored suit) Obama wasn’t afraid to be seen in public in a more “off duty” look. Whether he was throwing the first pitch at a baseball game or, traveling with his family he managed to put his own flavor on more casual looks. Beyond being comofrtable, this worked to make the american populus feel more represented as they could see more of themselves represented in him.


Presidential Style is not necessarily a thing because, after all, the less the leader of the free world thinks about being on the best-dressed list, the better we hopefully will be led



After taking all this history in, where do we go from here? What do we want to see for the future of preseidents and how they dress.

More Pattern - More Color - More Capes - More Non-Suit Style - MORE WOMEN!

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