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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 108 | Big Jewelry Comeback


Big Jewelry Comeback

Return of the statement piece, return of the chunky rings,
return of the large bead, return of cufflinks, and more.

Return of the Chunky

Words By: Arcy Hawks

I have always been a fan of statement jewelry: big earrings, chunky rings, and large beaded necklaces. Recently, I went to the Tucson Gem Show. One of my favorite stops is the area where the African dealers sell their goods. I picked up two strands of large white vintage Agate beads and can’t wait to string them into a great piece. 

I have noticed that this type of jewelry is again gaining in popularity, and I am thrilled. I used to have a small jewelry design business, and I especially enjoyed using old trade beads alongside precious ones, such as peacock pearls strung with large bedouin silver beads. I particularly love the work of Grainne Morton, Rosa Maria, and Matthew Swope, all of whom we currently carry in the shop. 

Lately, more and more designers are stretching their creativity to add chunkier pieces.  Scosha’s rainbow necklaces, Lena Skadegards Turquoise Nugget chokers, and KayG large silver link necklaces. 

Don’t set aside your collection of everyday delicate chains.  Incorporate a chunky choker or a long strand of beads.  Great layering with wonderful loved pieces.  That’s Habits Style.

Clapback to Dainty

Words by: Milli Dawson

 What goes around comes back around...and what is back around is big, bold, statement jewelry!

Scrolling on my Pinterest feed months ago, I came upon a massive Tiffany and Company silver cuff from the 80s. I fell in love with it and started a deep eBay search to find a well-priced vintage one...turns out, that everyone else did the same thing. Later that week, I saw supermodel Elsa Hosk wearing one, and one of my trendy, stylish friends came into the shop showing that she had found one and was sporting it. From there it felt like all outfits on my Instagram pages as well as my Pinterest feed were accented with chunky jewelry and broaches.

Like art, fashion trends change as an act of rebellion from the trend before it. We have been such a saturated jewelry market in small, dainty, feminine, gold jewelry and now we have taken quite the turn. Mixed metals, beads of many colors, and intense shapes are turning heads for the upcoming season. We are excited as a few of those star pieces are found in Habits.

The greatest thing about this switch in trend is you can use the pieces of jewelry as main accessories for your day-to-day styling. For example, a pair of jeans, a button-down tee, and a blazer look nice but if you add a giant broach, you now have an elevated, extremely stylish outfit. Or say you throw on your favorite summer dress but this time you add a chunky beaded necklace; it elevates a daily look. Have plenty of fun this season styling pieces with big has come back around and we are loving it.



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