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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 107 | Buyers remorse. Don’t panic buy


Buyers remorse. Don’t panic buy

How to handle the desire to panic shop for our short summer seaon full of weddings, garden parties, and more.

Summer Panic

Words By: Arcy Hawks

Summer is also the wedding season and the season for numerous outdoor gatherings. This time of year brings panic shoppers looking for something new to wear or last-minute shopping for that special occasion two days away.

While we have beautiful things to help, like the Navy blue Raquel Allegra Dress, we also don’t always have ample dresses available.  We love a good summer dress too, but the season is so short that we often keep it tight.  What I have noticed over the years is that the need for dresses starts to wain around mid July. I also notice that most people wait until the last minute to find that perfect dress. 

I have been there. I want something new and think I can just pop into a shop and it will be there waiting for me.  This is neither a good strategy nor an economical one.  It usually ends with me leaving with the less than perfect outfit and never wearing it again.  Spending too much and immediately regretting it.

This edit is about choosing wisely, economically, and sustainably.  I am a big proponent of shopping your closet.  Most of us have a few dresses that would fit the bill.  We get caught up in wanting something new.  Which I completely understand but doesn’t always work out.

How is this economical you say? Hopefully you will be avoiding paying for something you don’t really want but settle for.  It leads to impulse buying that in my opinion rarely works.  There is that unicorn impulse that is now a treasure, but that seems rare.  At least for me.

Shopping your closet is a boost to your wallet but also our planet. Do we really need another black dress? 

We are here for your impulses and wise choices.  Let us help make sure you love it.    

purchase intentionally

Words By: Milli Dawson

Panic shopping is something we are all guilty of. That adrenaline rush when you are looking for something specific and special is somewhat addictive but it is also terrible. Anytime that I have a panic purchase, I instantly regret it.

How do we stop panic purchasing? As Arcy said, the best way to put an end to panic shopping is to purchase interesting and special pieces intentionally as you find them. It is like that old saying “It is better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it”.

When you are out browsing around and you find a perfect little black dress or a special skirt, blouse, dress, etc. Anything that feels like you, that is when you should purchase and then harbor it in your closet. We so often hear shoppers look at a piece in the shop and say “I love this but, where would I wear it?”. That is the moment to purchase that piece. When you are searching for an event piece, you can just find it in your closet without having to panic buy!




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