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THE SUDAY EDIT VOL. 104 | Copenhagen Style


Milli’s thoughts and recap after an inspiring trip to the land of the Danes.

Practically driven - Effortlessly executed

Words by: Milli Dawson

Copenhagen Style has felt like "all the rage" lately. Danes layered up in their most stylish fits are seen all over my Pinterest and Instagram feeds. But is it real? Is every person in Copenhagen as stylish as they seem on the internet?
The simple answer is, yes! After freshly returning from a Copenhagen trip, I am full of inspiration, color, and creative ideas from the beautiful city, tasty eats, and the stylish and understated Danes.
Every street in Denmark's Capital is filled with color. Yellows, golds, baby blue. Windows are filled with porcelain, plants, and ceramic pieces. Color floods the city, and it felt like the overarching theme. The Danish Style of dressing is a direct reflection of colorful Copenhagen. Like the classic French in Paris with their red lips and vintage style or New Yorkers dressing in all black, the city is so beautifully captured in its people.
So what are the Danes wearing around the city? The priority in the fits seemed to be practicality. Bikes rule the city of Copenhagen, they line the streets, sidewalks, and bike paths. So in properly dressing for Copenhagen, you need to be able to ride a bike. Baggy, loose, cotton trousers were a staple. Most had subtle patterns or were solid blue, white, or pink. One would think that footwear would play into bike travel but I saw cowboy boots, flip- flops, heels, flats, and sneakers on all of the bicycles. On top, there was lots of layering. Small cotton vests, colorful cardigans, double shirts, and accessories were a must. Bags, lots of jewelry, and cute scarves and hats were tastefully trickled into the fits. Copenhagen style, while intentional was completely effortless. View some of our most loved Copenhagen Style Fits below:

LA CABRA      -      ORSA      -     ANOTN



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