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  • Gift Guide 2, Jewels.

    Jewelry is always a good idea.  Especially this time of year.  Trends come and go, but a thoughtful gift  becomes a keepsake.  I love a statement piece, but what I love is the pieces that I never take off, that feel a part of me.

    For something a bit more intimate, the "Protect Me" and "Fly Together" necklaces and  bracelets, from Hortense, are perfect.  They're like the  pieces I never take off , a gold and diamond disc from Polly Wales, a gold warrior necklace from Communion by Joy, and a Scosha bracelet, Hortense thread bracelet and thread bracelet I picked up at a jewelry shop in Paris.  

     But, If you want to make a statement, I love Lena Skadegard's long pearl and gemstone necklaces,  Marie Chamorel's chokers, and brass cuffs from Crescioni and K/LLer.

    For the not so dainty ones in your life, Scosha's  waxed braided bracelets are meant to be worn all the time, a constant reminder of the giver. I gifted them to my children and they never take them off.  I hope every time they look at it, they think of me and how much I love them. 









  • Gift guide 1.

    The Holiday season is in full swing.  We would love to share our gifting ideas and the things that make our shop special and things we would love to see under our tree.

    I love a good design that also embodies a passionate feeling.  It is something I believe in strongly.  Designers who follow that passion and care about their process are my most treasured. Something made with an intentional hand is the best gift to give.

    I choose a Black cashmere hat, made locally by Dawn Bryfogle.  A Visvim T-shirt, hand drawn with a loving message.  Maria Rudman bracelets, each one of kind made in Sweden with a centuries-old technique and finally the most luxurious of cashmere scarves, made on antique looms in Italy.  Add a pair of Chimala jeans made in Japan, carefully by Noriko Machida, and all is good. 


  • Shopping Small

    Today is Shop Small Saturday across the Country.  As the Holidays season get underway, we will make conscious choices to support large corporations or small businesses.  

    Living in a small town,  it isn't always easy to get the things that you need and certain things can be found at a better price on the internet.  We all know a small business owner, the guys down at Wilson Hardware, the crew at Skinny Skis, Jeter and Jan at JC Jewelers, Pete and Rob at Cowboy Coffee, Emily at Lily and CO., Elisa at 22 Home, Tayloe and Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Dana at Terra, Brianna at Altitude and Bootlegger, Sue at Workshop, Christian and John at MADE and Mountain Dandy,  Andi at Penny Lane, Vanessa at Fleur de V,  The Gals and Paper and Grace, the list goes on and on.   

    Let's support the small town businesses that make Jackson a special place to live and work.  

    I know I am shopping small this Holiday season.

  • Election 2016

    Living in a western town and having grown up in Texas, there is always a sense of independence and get'er done attitude. As we look to the possibility that we might elect a woman for president (hopefully), I wanted to share a bit of Jackson's political history.

    Jackson, Wyoming has the historical distinction of being the first town in the United States to be governed entirely by women.

    Women, in particular, were tired of what they considered to be a do-nothing council whose members seemed to care more about their ranches and businesses than improving Jackson’s quality of life.

    The election of women to run Jackson was an indication that Owen Wister’s West had changed. The new “petticoat government” took a “demoralized” town and turned it into what Mayor Grace Miller described as a “clean, well-kept, progressive town in which to raise our families.”" (an excerpt from Western Americana)

    As they say "A Rooster crows, but a Hen delivers".  Good luck to Mrs. Clinton and let's keep our country a well-kept, progressive place in which to raise our children.



  • Autumn dressing

    We can't help ourselves, come autumn we swoon over the rich colors and textures of cold weather clothing. We grabbed some clothing and beautiful women and spent the morning on a local ranch playing in the perfect autumn light. 
    We are crushing on this Moussy denim.
    r13, 6397, private 0204
    Ryan Roche cashmere, Moussy denim, Faliero Sarti
    Pas de Calais and Sessune
    Frank & Eileen, r13, Moussy, Private 0204, 6397
    Patched Moussy denim, Ottod'ame jacket
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