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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 53 | Breaking the Rules

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 53 | Breaking the Rules

VOL. 52


Exclusively at Habits


Fashion rules are outdated, and as society evolves so should our approach to how we dress. Embracing individuality and challenging the norm– thats Habits style.

Some Context

It’s the end of May and the beginning of summer. It’s Memorial Weekend and the a day for remembrance. What started as a way to remember the men and women who served has also turned into weekend of BBQs and parades. A day to buy flags, to consume. Very American. It’s also a day that is set in some ridiculous fashion rule, to begin to wear white.  

This Sunday Edit is not so much about the great people who served our county so heroically, but about outdated fashion rules. A bit of research found that historically speaking fashion rules were a way of hierarchy.  

As fashions became more sophisticated at the end of the middle ages, the rules got more elaborate: in Tudor England, there were dozens of laws against dressing above one’s station; during the Renaissance, laws in scores of countries, cities, and towns assigned attire according to social rank, occupation, age, sex, marital status, and religion. 

Dress codes evolved along with the social and political ideals of the day, but they always reflected struggles for power and status. In the 1700s, South Carolina’s “Negro Act” made it illegal for Black people to dress “above their condition.” 

The biggest fashion rule that addresses this type of social “putting you in your place” type of situation is wearing white. This can get heated if you are from certain parts of the country where wearing white before memorial day and after labor day is frowned upon.  This rule and I believe  were all put in place by a society fearful of the change happening in their social circles. The growth of middle classes and self made entrepreneurs. 

Fashion and style should never be a catalyst for discrimination, societal pressures, or plain old fashioned mean girl attitudes. Let’s move away from these archaic rules and embrace personal style, make up your own rules and your independent nature. That’s Habits Style.


Wear Clothes that Fit You

This fashion rule has been broken over and over again the past few years. Designers are creating oversized looks that look chic and fashionable. Playing with proportions is part of what makes fashion fun. At Habits we embrace the oversized button ups, extra cozy sweaters, and wide denim. Paring these items together can create a unique look that is special to you. And feels good to wear.

Don’t Wear Navy and Black

It has long been thought that navy and black should not go together, and there are still some believers out there. We are not telling you how to dress, but we are saying navy and black can look really good together. Dress how you want and what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t listen to the haters!

Dress Your Age

Going off my last point, it does not matter how you dress as long as you feel like yourself. If you want to wear oversized cargo pants or a mini skirt, go for it. Linda Rodin has proven to be a style icon for people across generations. Her ability to dress how she wants in an extremely put together and interesting way remains inspirational. In an interview about her new denim line, Rodin stated, “People have asked, ‘Do you feel bad that most women your age wouldnt or aren’t able to wear your clothes?’ I tell them I am just making clothes for me. If they like them, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too”.  In short, wear what you want, and don’t worry about other people. You look great. 

No White after Labor Day

First of all, you can wear white year round. This rule is stuck in a history fueled by judgment and fear. Let’s break out of these so-called norms and embrace our personal styles. No matter what they look like.

Don't Mix Metals

So many designers now days are purposefully mixing metals. This allows the designer, along with the client to wear something special and different. Now it seems like every celebrity, influencer, or fashion forward person is mixing their metals. 

Don't Mix Prints

I feel like all we have to say is, Vivienne Westwood. She has broken so many fashion rules, and has since made it more acceptable to stand against what society thinks is normal. Mixing prints can be done in an elegant way, while still showing people that you pay attention to fashion and how you look. 

Menswear is for Men

Menswear is definitely not just for men. Even at Habits we carry a lot of styles that are for both men and women. There is nothing saying who can wear what, rather society putting pressure on you to make the “right choice”. If you want a massive mens tee to wear over a pair of denim, go for it. If you are a guy thats dying to wear a pink sweater, do it! 

No Socks with Sandals 

Ok, this one still has a little stigma around it, but in recent years it has been executed in a very chic manner. Socks with sandals ties into the whole gorpcore and athleisure trends that have taken the fashion world by storm. With cool new sandals releasing all the time, there are endless opportunities to expand your wardrobe.

Who Says?!

It’s time to throw old “Fashion Rules” out the window and time to start dressing the way you want. The only “Fashion Rule” that should be applied to your day-to-day choices of what to wear is how you feel in the clothes that you choose. It can be so easy to follow trends, rules, and influences but at the end of the day, all that matters is really how you feel in the things you choose to wear. 

Fashion is a form of self-expression. Every day, whether you believe it or not, you make a choice to put clothing on your body. Even if there is no intention with what you’re wearing, that is still a form of expressing yourself. With that, it makes no sense to follow rules that are outdated and rooted in racism as a form of fashion and expression.

Is refraining from wearing white pants before Memorial Day truly a form of self-expression? Simply, no.

We are living in a time of people thriving and driving positive change in being who they are! Fashion, has so much influence in this. Let’s continue to encourage everyone to truly express who they are in every way.

If you’d like to mix metals, wear white before Memorial Day, and pair black with navy, do it! Stay true to who you are and who you would like to express yourself as. This is Habits Style.





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