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One thing everyone at Habits has in common is our love for shoes. They are the grounding force of your style. Here are a few of our takes on footwear.


Words By Arcy Hawks

Shoes can make or break your outfit. It sets the tone.  It can take a pair of jeans from blah to brilliant.  It can make that Little Black Dress stand out.  Shoes are like a signature. They tell a lot about you. 

Maybe you don’t wear a lot of colors but are up for a red shoe, a neon sneaker, or a trend-setting style.

There are also rules that are made to be broken. Black shoes should never be worn with navy or brown. Your handbag color should match your shoes and belt. Or vice versa. You should never wear all black with brown shoes. Black shoes were for the evening, especially patent leather. These have pretty much gone the way of the whites only after the Memorial Day rule. It’s no longer subscribed to.

Anything goes, and that is great. Pair a pair of black patent leather ballet flats with your favorite jeans or chinos for a sophisticated daily look.  Open toes shoes were once thought to be risque and not allowed in church or in a corporate environment.  So weird and who decided that one? Not only are open toes shoes acceptable they have become a fashion statement with socks. OK, I know are you all visualizing that one European relative?  Maybe not that style but a style nonetheless. 

I love an unexpected style or color.  Hot pink loafers, gold sneakers, red kitten heels, or a rich color like olive green knee-high boots.  I think shoes are where we can define our own signature style without worrying too much about trends. Some of the most interesting shoes are also the most fun.

But all-in-all invest in the best pair of shoes you can afford because they will have longevity.


Words By Milli Dawson

When I was about 3, my favorite Auntie brought me a shoe box with some presents inside, before opening the box, I turned to my mother and in my most excited voice I said, “Mom, it is a really big pair of shoes”. Some things have changed since I was three, but not my love for shoes.

My favorite Auntie and I share a very odd shoe size, a 5.5. I have lucked out as my Aunt Jennie is quite the shoe lover herself and I have been blessed with many fabulous hand-me-downs. The shoes I have received from Jennie are loafers, boots, and a heel here and there. I have shoes Jennie gave me when I was 15 (10 years ago) and I still love and wear them. Noting that I have had these shoes for so long, has helped me be a better shoe purchaser. My outlook is to find great staples that will continue to last for years and years and now and then purchase a fun shoe. Something semi-affordable, well-made, and funky.

Nothing pulls together an outfit quite like a great shoe does, thanks Jennie for my shoe obsession!



We believe there is a good recipe

1.   Loafers.  chunky or classic you choose

2.   Day shoe means a closed-toe shoe with a two-inch heel.

3.   Pumps in black and nude.

4.   Summer sandal: fisherman, slide, or a woven sandal with a small heel.

5.   A fun pair of sneakers.

6.   An ankle boot for cropped jeans and long skirts.

7.   Knee boots for dresses and shorter skirts. 

8.   A nice ballet flat or pointy-toe flat that looks great with anything. Here is
      where you can bring in an interesting color.  

9.   A great pair of vintage cowboy boots.




Like anything in your wardrobe, there is value in the quality. Intentionally purchasing shoes that will withstand the test of time, not fall into trends, and feel good will inevitably last you for several years. Some of our favorite well-made shoes are Guidi’s. They are one of the only brands that still stacks leather heels the traditional way, they are heavy, durable, and lifetime boots. Another Habits favorite is Jamie Haller who designs shoes so effortlessly comfortable they are extremely well made. These shoes feel like you are wearing no shoes in the best way. The leather melts to your feet and the way they age is so beautiful.

 Investing in staple shoes (loafers, flats, a good pair of heels, boots, and a good sneaker), makes dressing easy. Like a classic white button-down blouse and a good pair ofJapanese denim, a classic shoe is a forever closet staple.






Three things matter when you’re thinking about how to wear socks and shoes with your clothes: shape of shoe, material of shoe, fabric of sock.

I will almost always tell you that a wool sock (often in grey) goes best with whatever shoe you’re wearing unless it’s suede in which case, thin socks — actual stockings or a very fine knit are an unexpected and fresh-feeling solution.

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