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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 89 | Ski Culture & Fashion

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 89 | Ski Culture & Fashion


Jackson Hole is the hub for ski culture here in the United States. In this edit we dive deep into what it means to be stylish on the hill, and how being located minutes away from the best skiing in the world has helped shape who we are.


Words By Arcy Hawks

Jackson Hole is well known for a few things. The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and one of the best ski resorts in the lower 48. 

To say it’s a culture is an understatement.

To some, it’s their identity. The Air Force is a group of skiers that set the bar for extreme skiing at the resort. If you are lucky or good enough, you will get tapped on the shoulder and given a patch. The Village, as locals know it, has such a storied history and a well-deserved reputation of being one the most challenging ski areas that it brings people from all over the world to conquer its slopes.

This edit looks at Ski Style. We asked ourselves, what does ski style look like as Habits Style? If you are reading this, you already know about Habit Style and how we have based our philosophy and shop on timeless, future vintage, beautiful construction, and great style.

We have been slowly adding a few brands with an outdoor bend. Gramicci, Nanamica and we welcome Snow Peak and Nanga next fall. These fit Habits Style perfectly. No neon, no logos, and no hype. Well, maybe Nanga. These brands offer technical aspects as well as great style. As with this combination, we also feel the apres and hanging out aspect of skiing is just as important. Chunky sweaters, cashmere trousers, leather hiking boots, and a significant down jacket. All made to live in your everyday life and your ski vacation. We hope you buy for the life you have and will enjoy instead for the two weeks a year you go on a ski vacation. 

A well-appointed gore-tex jacket, a packable down jacket, and a great cashmere sweater is Habits Style.

“One surefire way to cut down on your packing list is by sourcing knits that work just as well with ski pants and salopettes for skiing early in the day as they do with denim and stirrup leggings for fireside chats in the afternoon. That means they have to both look good and keep you warm. Good cashmere and wool is the way to go whether you’re a classic Fair Isle type, or veer more towards sleek and sporty. There’s also room for a more minimal approach in fisherman sweaters and chunky turtlenecks. So whether you’re planning on spending two weeks in the Dolomites for the holidays or taking a quick trip to Stowe or Tahoe for the weekend, be prepared, and shop knits that earn their keep on and off the slopes.”
Vogue: Achieve the Ultimate Après-Ski Outfit in Just Four Steps


Words By Hannah Wakeman

In the outdoor industry and ski towns especially there can be this pressure to fit into a certain mold in order to be taken seriously.

Everyone dresses the same, buying the same clothes from the same outdoor brands, styling them in the same ways. While that is a bit of an exaggeration, taking on this stereotypical outdoorsy style becomes a marker for many people that they belong in these outdoor spaces and communities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing clothes/ski wear from these classic and popular outdoor companies, but I do think it’s so much more fun to experiment, and bring your own personal style to the mountains!

This doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything you already love to ski in and/or aprés in, but rather adding in fun and special pieces to what you’re already working with. That could mean a fun, merino wool, base layer from Cordera, a little cashmere scarf from Extreme Cashmere instead of a buff, a beautiful wool sweater from Bode under your bibs or layered over a micro puffy, or an oversized puffy from Nanga or Sofie D’Hoore.

Being stylish on the mountain doesn’t mean you have to loose functionality! Layering is essential to any good outfit, in the same way that layering is essential to any good day on skis. Wool is an important layer in the winter to keep you warm even when it gets damp. But your wool layer doesn’t have to be boring! Try adding a high quality wool layer that can keep you warm all day, and stylish enough to take you to your favorite après spot for years to come.


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