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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 85 | Can a Place be Trendy?

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 85 | Can a Place be Trendy?


Jackson has always been popular. People come from all over the world to ski, hike, and view the beautiful National Parks that surround the valley.


Words by Arcy Hawks

Habits Style tries to avoid trendy style. It’s usually fleeting and not intentional, but of the moment. To be discarded after a season or two. 

So how does a town become trendy? Jackson has always been a popular place to visit. We are on the edges of 2 national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It has been a place for families to camp, ski, and enjoy the outdoors for decades. But most never gave thought to decamping here or starting a new chapter. But some did, and those that did were well aware of the long winters, quiet off-seasons, and lack of good coffee.

They came for the outdoor life and tight, small community. You didn’t lock the door to your house and did not worry about leaving the car keys in the ignition. But you also did not have a job two months out of the year, few choices for dinner out, one movie theater, and not much of a nightlife. 

As our town started to “trend,” most people were worried and unhappy. Would it destroy our character, would our town become Aspen, and worse, would our small community lose the people that made it so special in the first place? 

While some of this would undoubtedly transpire, other things would grow. A year-round economy started to grow, local entrepreneurs would start businesses, buildings would have to be built, grocery stores would expand, and neighborhoods would appear. Better plowing, better produce, and great coffee. People could make careers here: lawyers, doctors, teachers, architects, interior designers, restaurants, and small boutiques.

Yes, our town is trendy for the Instagram folks, but not for those who understand a thoughtful place’s longevity. The natural beauty and sense of place will never be discarded after this trend subsides, just like our personal vision. We are not here for the trendy; we are here for the long haul. Just like this beautiful place we live in and call home: beauty, community, and timeless style.


Words by Milli Dawson

I moved to Jackson in the Summer of 2020, unaware that it was the trendy thing to do then. Coming from Cheyenne and Laramie, I was eager to move to Jackson. It felt like it would be “home away from home”. I always thought, “Hey, I can easily fit in here”. In the rest of the state, we all poke at the folk of Jackson, living luxurious lifestyles surrounded by Harrison Ford, mountains, and that chill, fresh vibe. Unlike my fellow Wyomingites, I was eager to see the lux life, the art scene, beautiful stores, and great pockets of food; something the rest of the state doesn’t have dialed. I thought, this is my home, Wyoming is my home.

I soon realized that wasn’t the case when my number 2 license plate didn’t fit in with the 22’s, I had a cover charge at the Cowboy Bar because I used my home address on my ID, and I was constantly scrutinized for not knowing how to ski. I am always asked how long I have been here, feeling the need to prove my “local” stamp. This crushed me a bit when I first chose Jackson to live in. I felt like an outcast; being a rancher’s daughter in Wyoming got me no local stamp. This is when I realized Jackson is a trend. A place where we all fight for labels, tables, and low-digit license plates to prove that we are a part of something.

The moment I let go of all that silliness, my world became a bit lighter. I moved here to try something new, to find a new home in my youth, to meet new people, and to try new things, and Jackson has given me just that. I am unconditionally grateful for Habits, which allows me to be who I am and has never judged me for not fitting into our trendy town. I am also grateful to Glorietta, Colette, Sudachi, the Momo Shack, and Persephone for bringing special food to this town. Places like Tayloe Pigott Gallery and the Art Association bring in the world back to us and make it exceptional! There are pockets of non-trendy things here. Great people, excellent stores, good food, and those who will keep their boots on the ground to uphold the truth of our Western Town.

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