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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 75 | Fall Activities

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 75 | Fall Activities


What fall looks like for Habits. When leaves start changing we start thinking of cozy layers and delicious food.
words by Arcy Hawks

Fall in our part of the country can look a little different. I live in a rural area and commute over a high mountain pass. When I first moved to Jackson, the first few places I lived had just a wood stove for heat. While this sounds romantic it was more of a financial decision and a lot of work.  Stacking, making kindling, starting the fire and if you were out of paper it was not easy. If you didn’t get up in the middle of the night to re-stoke the fire the house was freezing in the morning and you had to start the fire all over again. The mess, and not to mention little bugs that would hide in the woodpile. Running electric heat in a place that can get down to -30 below can get expensive for a bunch of ski bums.

Fall is a time for us to get our woodpile ready, our snow tires put on, winterize your gardens, put all the outdoor furniture away, and get your emergency car bag packed. As I mentioned before we live in a remote place that requires driving long distances to get to the largest city. Emergency bags are crucial. We put an extra pair of gloves, hat, a blanket or sleeping bag, hand and feet warmers, flashlight,  warm winter boots, energy bars, and a good snow scraper. 

Fall is also a time to slow down as the hectic summer days are gone and the pace becomes doable. It gets darker earlier and staying in feels good. I switch out my summer clothes for winter clothes, I cook more often, and look for a good long series to watch. When my kids were younger it was a time to get our the ski and winter clothes and see what still fits and what needs replacing. Funny, how that tradition still exists. Fall is a great time to pare down a bit and get ready to hunker down.  Winter is coming soon, but for now I will enjoy the fall.




words by Milli Dawson

Since my earliest memories, I loved Fall. Dressing up for Halloween, curiously watching the leaves take their new colors and fill our yards with gold.  Warming my cold hands with 100 take-out coffees and going for long walks in comfortable weather.

There is something so special about Fall, perhaps because it is one of our shorter seasons we have to savor every moment.

This Fall, I have been slowing down. Reading plenty of books from my favorite, Wilson Book Gallery, sipping on lots of Persephone Lattes, and spending most of my time hunkered down in my home.

Some of my favorite Fall reads are, “The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue”, “Horse”, & “Tom Lake” and I plan on reading “Little Women” to ease myself into the Holiday Season. While I read, I am also binge-watching some TV. Re-watching Gilmore Girls is part of my annual Fall routine. Nothing makes you feel more Fall than Stars Hollow & Luke’s Diner. I am also binging Game of Thrones for the first time.

As Fall trickles away, I will continue to slow down and enjoy our quiet moments in Jackson Hole.


words by Cade Hawks

Fall is easily my favorite season, and for many good reasons. The heat of the summer is a little too overpowering at times, and the winter is great if you love to ski but after how many days in a row can you do the same thing.  I love skateboarding and climbing, and fall is the best time of year to do both. Not only is the temperature great for outdoor activities, it is the best time of year to bring out all the cozy layering pieces. I love fall mostly because I can wear everything in my closet. I feel like the true expression of my style is able to shine in this state. I can wear a beanie, longsleeve, baggy pants and boots and feel totally comfortable.

I grew up in Wyoming, and fall there meant the start of the serious cold. I remember a few Halloweens as a kid and having to wear snow pants and a jacket over my costume. The older I got the more it meant that ski season was closer, and the excitement would grow. Now days I live in New York City and fall in the city is a great time of year. The crowds have calmed down a bit, its not blistering hot, and its a time for great outfits. New Yorkers fully lean into the cozy, but cool layered look, typically wearing dark colors or all black. Coffee in hand and on the go.

Not to mention fall skateboarding. Easily the best time of year for it. Riding through the streets of New York as the leaves fall is always something a little magical. Stopping at a cafe getting a hot coffee and fresh bagel and continuing on. It is all part of the fall vibe in New York.



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