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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 72 | The Power of Wearing all Black

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 72 | The Power of Wearing all Black

The Power of Wearing all Black

Wearing all black can be cool, sexy, comfortable, and interesting. It is easy to put together, and creates a clear vibe. The power of wearing all black is strong.

I am not quite sure when I realized black was my go to color. I will say that I have expanded my color pallet a bit.  I now wear more navy, browns, and pops of color every now and then.  I’m still not that comfortable wearing too much color or pattern. I don’t know why.  As I was looking for articles about black as a wardrobe choice one quote that rang true for me was from designer Yohji Yamamoto.  “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.  Black is lazy and easy.  But above all black says this: I don’t bother you- don’t bother me”

I thought about that and how it is easy therefore lazy.  But not in the lazy, I don’t care sort of way ,but the I don’t know what to wear so the black pants and black tee with my favorite black boots will suffice.  I will say most of my evening wear and dressier clothing is predominantly black.  I feel nothing says chic more than a black silk shirt, trousers, and a black dress.

I do feel better when I’m in all black. It feels natural as well as uncomplicated.  Not fussy, not trying too hard, and admittedly a bit standoffish. I think that’s why the villain is always in black.  They are mysterious and unapproachable. 

My go to black pieces are usually sweaters, boots, dresses, and a good black tee.  If I’m in all black it is a pair of black jeans or chinos and a black tee.  My favorite boots of all time, Guidi.

I travel in black.  It’s easy to care for and doesn’t show dirt. You can wear it in any place you visit and feel instantly put together. 

The power of wearing black is that it relieves pressure to get dressed.  If you throw on a black dress, black flats and carry a small black handbag, it’s easy and maybe a bit lazy.  But oh so good.


“Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of styles to suit every sartorial taste. If you’re looking to make your black outfit feel very 2023, take note of the standout details we spotted, including sheer fabrics, layered looks, contrasting white details, cool suiting, maxi hemlines, hooded dresses, and understated ‘90s silhouettes.”

via whowhatwear



Once the summer heat starts to go away I begin to pull out all my super dark colored clothing. There are not too many colors in my closet to begin with, but once the temperature drops I pull out all my black jackets, overshirts, pants, longsleeves, beanies, and tees. There is something unique and special feeling about putting on an all black outfit. Its easy in the sense you don’t have to worry about color coding, but creates a bold enough look to keep it interesting. Black is the only color, or hue, that I will wear head to toe. With every other color, including white, I feel like I stand out and then you become a statement. I love lowkey fashion, and wearing all black can certainly achieve that quiet sense. An outfit I love to wear is a pair of baggy black cargo pants cuffed just above the ankle, paired with a black sock and black derby shoes, throw on a black tee and if you want you can top it off with an slightly oversized blazer. The ones from Sage De Cret are perfect. Not too baggy, not too fitted, and nice enough where you can where it formally but also casual enough to layer on the daily.

I think I could wear black and white everyday and be happy. Maybe throw in a subtle pop of color here and there, but I am sure we can agree that everyone looks good in black.


"It’s mysterious, while also being simple. It is inexorably linked with sex, but it’s not tawdry. In short, it is always, always cool."

Dave Schilling - NYTimes


Wearing black is universally chic. I remember the first times I went to New York and Paris and all the cool fashionable people were rocking the all-black look. Black tights, little black dresses, the perfect black boot, great black trousers, it went on and on.

I have light coloring and have often felt like wearing all black was too strong of a contrast between the clothing and myself. It took me a while and a few great pieces to realize that wearing all-black suits almost everyone.

If you have the luxury of creating your perfect closet I think there should be several go-tos, black staple items. Trousers, a classic dress, kitten heels, a boot, blousing, and accessories! When in search for an outfit you can put all your black staples together and enjoy the ease of wearing all black! Chic, understated but elevated, and powerful!

"The power of wearing black clothes is woven within both masculinity and rebellion. It was Yohji Yamamoto, the famous Japanese fashion designer who came up with the following quote;

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you – don’t bother me”.”

via VitruvianMagazine


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