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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 47 | Shared Closet

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 47 | Shared Closet

VOL. 47


Exclusively at Habits


An insight into couples sharing clothes to create unique and fluid looks.


words by Arcy Hawks

A curious thing has happened since we launched our menswear department at Habits.  The line between the men’s section and the women’s section has become a bit blurred.  Unintentionally, but perhaps not so much.  We noticed that more women were buying the men’s pieces.  Borrowing a shirt to wear with her denim.  A jacket in a smaller size to add to her wardrobe. 

When we began the process of buying for the menswear portion of our shop, we worked to make the collections between women’s and the men’s as cohesive as possible.  An extension of our women’s curation, a complement, and a partnership.  Just like our relationships.  Boyfriend, girlfriend, spouses, and friendships.  Habits has always had that “Borrowed from the Boys” vibe.  Blazers, loose denim, brogue type shoes, and white button ups.  Our uniform. 

If you look back into the shared closet, it is typically a woman in a morning after situation, sipping coffee at her partner’s apartment in his t-shirt, button up shirt, or sweatshirt.  Sexy and taking up residence in his clothing.  This I think is what we think of when we talk about a shared closet.  So much has changed since this image has been portrayed in media.  

When Habits decided to explore the shared closet concept for our Sunday edit, we looked to the young people around us and how they have embraced this concept with such enthusiasm.  I think there are a couple of reason that this trend has taken off.  First, economics.  Expanding your wardrobe for less money.  If you have oversize pieces as a woman, like a blazer, jean jacket, or moto jacket, this is easily shared and borrowed from your man.  If you are fortunate to live or date a stylish guy, then your wardrobe has wonderfully just expanded.  The second I believe is style and fashion have become a merging of styles.  Fitted and loose, unisex, men becoming more open and adventurous with style, and blurred lines of what is wearable for both sexes.  It is no longer the battle of the sexes but the merging of the sexes. 

As always, Habits is down with all the above and anything that explores personal style.  We whole heartedly embrace the shared closet and all forms of self-expression.   It is after all, Habits Style.  


words by Cade Hawks

When my girlfriend and I are planning outfits we definitely like to coordinate. We have a few of the same pieces in big and small sizes, but when we share closets I tend to lend her jackets, and sometimes pants. Her wardrobe has a solid balance of masculine and feminine styles, and pieces from my closet can easily blend with her clothes. 

As the menswear buyer at Habits, I have noticed that a lot of brands have styles that are for both men and women. A store favorite, Nanamica, does this beautifully. Creating unisex styles that can be tailored for both men or women or easily shared. For example, I have an oversized button up that she can also wear as a dress. Reese Cooper’s men’s outerwear and flannel shirts have been super popular in the store for both women and men. I have a super cropped and fitted bomber jacket from Reese, and my girlfriend is able to wear it as a slightly oversized jacket. 

On the reverse, she has a really big old Carhartt jacket that fits me almost perfect. She wears it as a big oversized, workwear inspired look. As our styles evolve, so do our closets as we begin to look at what the other person is wearing and try to re-interpret it in your personal style. 



words by Milli Dawson

Why is it that shared, borrowed, or stolen clothes are some of our favorite pieces to wear? A few of my earliest memories revolve around stealing my dad’s giant t-shirts to sleep in or taking one of my mom’s sweaters on a trip. This small action of taking my parent’s clothes has turned into a large habit of stealing my parent’s, brother’s, and boyfriend’s clothes all the time. 

With an uprise in popularity in baggy and gender-neutral clothing; stealing, borrowing, and sharing clothes from one another has never made more sense. The “Shared Closet” is a thing and at Habits, we are here for it.

Brands such as Extreme Cashmere have caught on to this trend of the “Shared Closet” creating, genderless clothing that works for everyone and every body. Their beautiful collection of cashmere pieces ranges from oversized, to cropped, short to long, dresses, trousers, and jackets to boot. All things that can be shared, miss matched, and layered. The idea behind these products is to create something for everyone. This makes it an easy fit for closet sharing.

Another designer/brand that is leading the shared clothing trend, is Reese Cooper. While focusing on primarily and traditionally masculine clothing, RCI is making a complete Men’s and Women’s size run. For example, at Habits, we just received his latest cargo pant, we have it in “women’s” Extra Small all through “men’s” Extra Large. In many ways, this is a great example of the future of fashion. Genderless, shareable, all sizes included and an easy wear for everyone. 

The “Shared Closet” is extremely beneficial. By sharing clothing, you are limiting mass consumption of goods, saving space, and saving money. Personally, when I find something, I can easily share with a loved one, I find it rather easy to split costs, and justify a nicer piece because the cost is lower. As a bonus, the shared piece also gets twice the usage. This is an easy and mindful step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

At Habits, there has always been inspiration taken around masculine, genderless clothing. We are only grateful that the rise of more neutral clothing is here. You will find plenty of pieces that are easy to share with your loved ones and steal from your loved ones. Shop “The Shared Closet”.


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