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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 42 | Heritage Leather Accessories

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 42 | Heritage Leather Accessories

VOL. 42


Exclusively at Habits


The craftsmanship behind our curated leather collection & the elements that resemble Habits Style. Featuring Il Bisonte, Isaac Reina & Foothills CA.


This Sunday we take a closer look at our leather goods selection. Il Bisonte, Isaac Reina, and Foothills CA. These brands are Habits Style. #habitsstyle is defined by us, as effortless, chic, classic in a modern way, understated, and of impeccable pride of craftsmanship. I have to admit that I am not a big handbag or even a belt person in my style choices. I love shoes and jewelry but for some reason handbags and belts take a back seat. It’s a shame as these pieces can make you look put together. I guess I think of them as utilitarian in their purpose. A belt keeps your pants up and a handbag keeps your essentials in one place. This is more of a need to me not so much a luxury. I realized that the simple utilitarian look is the most chic in its pure form. The best leather, the best fit, and the best craftsmanship.

When deciding to bring in more accessories, I had to consider if it fits within Habits Style criteria. Does the brand have a lasting legacy, is it understated, does it have impeccable craftsmanship, does it support our belief that once purchased it will become your favorite piece? Does the designer have a true passion? Are they special and not in every small boutique across the states?

Il Bisonte, Isaac Reina, and Foothills CA tick the boxes. Each brand speaks to heritage, future vintage,and superb craftsmanship. No large logos or ornate finishes. Simple beautiful leather goods that will stand the test of time. I love my Isaac Reina bag and Il Bisonte wallet. I have a few of Jonnie’s belts and I love that they are true vintage in every aspect and that Jonnie takes such care to bring these vintage elements together, the leather straps and the awesome buckles.

I feel very chic when I have my Isaac Reina Hitchcock bag. Part apothecary and part small suitcase. So retro yet very modern in its execution. His work is the simplest which if you understand good design is the hardest to achieve. Habits leather goods are everything we hope to curate. Beautiful, understated, chic, and future vintage. I know now, that like any good piece it’s whats not there that makes it special. Because that is Habits Style.



Il Bisonte leather goods always spark a wonderful conversation with its followers and clients. Most who have a cherished memory of studying abroad, family vacations, or post college European trips to Florence and especially a trip to the Il Bisonte shop for their first good handbag. In the the heart of the Tuscan region, Florence, Il Bisonte has been crafting leather goods since the seventies.

Wanny Di Filippo started his eponymous brand in 1970 with one thing in mind. To create timeless style. Made in the heart of Florence surrounded by centuries old leather artisans. He creates leather goods in old world traditions with a nod to the western style.

What attracted us to Il Bisonte, which translates to The Bison, is the link between our western heritage of rugged everlasting leather goods with the sophistication of the Italian way. Blending both beautifully.

An Il Bisonte bag is meant to last a lifetime. We love it because it is Habits Style.


Interview with Isaac Reina

The wearer: how they use, form and age your pieces seems so vital in the concept, joy and almost the ‘creation’ of the piece. Do you see a human or natural aspect to your work as they become an extension of the wearer and user?

One of the most important peculiarities of our products is the material. Until today, I still use pure and natural materials without artificial protection to keep a sensual appearance, pleasant to the touch. This brings the object very close to the user and it creates very intimate and unexpected attachments that generally make customers very happy. Obviously, the patina, which changes over time, is a personal and unique signature that the customer himself gives to the piece. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to convey this feeling in photos, without which the images seem to have flaws etc. in this world where everything is so perfect, apparently.

How has your background - growing up in Barcelona with its rich history in leather craftsmanship and architecture, studying fashion and architecture, to working at Hermès – formed and directed you in launching your eponymous line?

I grew up in Barcelona where modernist architecture has an invisible influence on people. Today I can see creativity and freedom there, moving forward without too many conventional brakes. Probably for this reason I moved to Paris, where I wanted to have a deeper, more technical and serious experience. I was extremely lucky to immediately work at Hermès, where it is undoubtedly the temple of true craftsmanship at the highest level.



The owner and creator, Jonnie Henderson, has curated his leather belt collection by focusing on antique buckles and finding their natural pairing of period-correct vintage belts. The intention of his belts is to preserve the original look of each buckle and belt. He stays true to the characteristics of the silversmith's artistry through restoring, repairing and treating, upholding its natural integrity.

Foothills CA belts are one-of-a-kind vintage, heritage pieces that will be in your closet for a lifetime. From the known "Workmans" belts to gorgeous turquoise buckles and classic craftsman features, we are proud to have such amazing quality belts showcased at Habits. After all, Foothills CA is Habits Style.

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