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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL 44. | Runway VS. Reality

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL 44. | Runway VS. Reality

VOL. 44


Exclusively at Habits




A talking piece of Habits interpretation of translating avant-garde runway looks to realistic everyday styles, plus inspirational street outfits from NY Fashion Week.


Words by Arcy Hawks

Runway to Reality is the theme this Sunday. Runway style is typically the designers way of showing us their style. A bit over the top and at times unrealistic. It’s a form of entertainment and showmanship. It’s their art.

 While lovely and breathtaking, we can’t imagine going out in some of these styles in the real world. We have decided to take some of the guess work out of "How to wear that in real life”. Living in Jackson, Wyoming feels worlds away from high fashion. We are practical and we like to be comfortable. While this is a great way to dress most of the time, we often hear, “Where would I wear this" or "I have no where to go”. I hope we can encourage you to take a second look at a piece that is interesting yet wearable.

 The other day I took my own advise and wore an oversized cardigan, a white button up, baggy jeans, and chunky shoes. All things that are comfortable but with a bit of style. No legging or skinny jeans with a puffy or t-shirt. I had a few ladies comment telling me they liked my style. While I would not wear the extremely baggie jeans and Margiela Tabi shoes here , well I guess I would. I still felt put together with a look that is easy yet has the current fashion vibe.

 We have put together some of our picks of the runway looks from this upcoming fall season and how to wear them in our mountain town.

 New to us this upcoming season is Wales Bonner. Grace Wales Bonner is london based designer who was in the short running for the new mesnwear designer at Louis Vuitton. The runway show was beautiful and full of pieces that may not seem wearable here but if you break it down to a couple of pieces, I think they are just what you need to add some style to your wardrobe. The oversized shirt with exaggerated cuffs would pair so nicely with a skinnier jean or a ribbed legging. Add a sneaker to the legging or a chunk boot to the denim and it elevates your style. The oversized polo jersey would look great with a slim denim skirt, and a boyfriend jean. Again wear with your favorite sneaker, boot, or even some great leather slides.


Words by Arcy Hawks

Bode is a pretty hot brand right now and I love everything about the style. It is campy, vintage, and casual. Any pieces worn with a chino, denim, and trouser would bring those basics into the “it” look that is so fun to wear. I see myself wearing the silk shirts under my favorite jacket, or alone in the summer with a super baggie jean and my favorite Spalwart sneaker or leather flip flops.

I think the best course of action is to take one piece from a fashion forward collection that fits well, is within your capsule wardrobe color scheme and wear it with confidence. I guarantee you will not regret it and it might even make you step out of your box further.


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