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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 92 | Wish You Were Here

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 92 | Wish You Were Here



Bonjour from Paris! Here is a short recap of our week so far. Yummy eats, some selections, and great art.


Words By: Arcy Hawks

When I say this, I mean it.  I truly enjoy and like my clients.  It would be amazing to bring them over in Paris for a week.  They are well-traveled, have good insider information, are well-read, have great conversations, and are very stylish; we will hit all the amazing shopping spots.

I would treat them to a bird’s eye view of some of our amazing brands and the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to bring style to Habits. 


Words By: Arcy Hawks

While discussing who our client is, we had an answer from someone who buys for a very different clientele, and she knows them very well.  She said I would think about the woman who lounges in a bathing suit and then jets off to Miami. This is great because she knew exactly who she sold to. 

I had to think about it and decided I would shop for a more laid-back woman who has a cottage or country place.  She lives in amazing sweaters, the best denim, and well-worn shoes and boots that last forever.  She steps out in a pair of trousers, a silk shirt, or a lovely easy dress that looks good every season.  Books surround her, she loves to cook for her family, and she collects amazing art.  Not art for investment but because she loves it.   Music plays in the background; it can be anything from Miles Davis, Lauren Hill, Waylon Jennings, or Linda Ronstadt, to Billie Eilish.  Enjoy our little journey, and we truly wish you were here.



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