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At the annual Jackson Hole Elkfest antler auction. Visvim indigo patch down shirt with a dress from Place National, Aesa necklace. Boots are model’s own. 

Here at Habits, we’re always looking for artists who utilize clothing as their medium. Cult designer Hiroki Nakamura’s brand Visvim embodies this ethos. The New York Times in its profile of Nakamura wrote: “Inspired by the rugged narrative of the old West, the earthiness of Native American crafts, the simplicity of Zen and the utilitarian beauty of old combat gear, Nakamura…(produces) items of extraordinary beauty and permanence… “His goal, he says, ‘‘is to create future vintage.’’


Visvim Kham robe coat with Place Nationale dress

The old West? Future vintage? What could be more Jackson? We’ve been obsessively following Visvim for at least a decade now, drumming our fingers, waiting for them to introduce a women’s line. A few years ago our prayers were answered. The collection, co-designed by his like-minded wife, Kelsi, features women’s versions of his visionary men’s wares, including the trademark gorgeous sneaker/moccasins—and our favorite—a dress crafted entirely of antique handkerchiefs from Nakamura’s own collection. And, we are proud to say, we are among the select shops in the country to carry the women’s line. So come witness—and touch and try on—these extraordinary works of art. And good news; new Visvim is arriving for spring in February!

Here is a blog with more information on Visvim, 
and if you want to read the philosophy of Hiroki Nakamura himself.
Visvim, Wild West Dress made from Hiroki’s personal collection of vintage handkerchiefs. Visvim zip hoodie and Roland Joggers. 
Visvim Duke Pow Wow shirt. 
Wild West Dress
Roland Joggers with Goodyear Rubber soles. 
Visvim wool dress made from Harris Tweed with Apolis tote, R13 jeans, and Common Projects shoes. 

Visvim Duke shirt 


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