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To buy or not to buy online.

To buy or not to buy online.

As our country struggles with the current divisive climate, we struggle to find the good and the positive. This Holiday season, I wanted to show that no matter your position, coming together as a community is good for the soul. As large companies and corporate conglomerates compete with small businesses offering better deals, faster shipping, and whatever it takes for us to never leave our home, I ask you to think twice about where you shop. 

Yes, I sell online, I'd be a fool not too. As a small business, I have to stay relevant. But a funny thing has happened as I get those online sales, the bond that I share with my clients, the thing that makes Habits special, gets lost. When a client walks into my shop and talks to us, touches the fabric, tries on the shoe, asks for advice, or smells the perfume, we get to share stories and delight in the beauty of all the special things that we offer here at Habits.  

This Holiday season I challenge you all to look to your community for your shopping needs. Visit your local bookstore to chat with the knowledgeable staff, drop by the toy store because, Christmas!  Check out the bike shop in your neighborhood. Spend an hour wandering around the stationary shop for the perfect card, wrapping paper, or decorations. Linger in a local jewelry shop to find that sparkling piece that gets all the oohs and aahs. Here in Jackson Hole, we have many interior design stores which carry the perfect candle, rug, pillow or lamp. We have abundant ski shops that offer anything and everything for our adventure minded community. Check out our local knife guru, our many women's boutiques, even your local hair salon, and the plethora of small business in town for all your needs and price points. 

We gathered a group of these small business owners to showcase the amazing people, shops, and community that embody the Jackson Hole spirit. Nothing beats walking around our town and running into your friends while shopping locally. We highly recommend it. 


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