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Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey is a modern woman focused brand.  We are thrilled to bring her into Habits. Rachel Comey stands out for their use of technical fabric, vibrant prints, and edgy silhouettes.  

 The collection plays to the independent nature of the brands we love.  It plays to the "I make my own choices" mantra we try to embody. It is both edgy and timeless.  The well-chosen styles are reminiscent of beloved vintage pieces.  The high waist pant, the puff of a shoulder, and the 70's feel of that technical fabric.

Rachel Comey compliments the simple nature of the clothing and designers we carry.  The plaid Mensy shirt can pair beautifully with our loose fitting Japanese denim brand, Chimala.   The Paloma Jumpsuit with the perfect french tuck feature, is sure to be a wardrobe staple just add a sneaker, Marsell flats, or your favorite pair of heels.

Sometimes throwing a curve ball into your world and surprising everyone who thinks they know you.  Is just the kind of independent spirit and free thinking we love. 



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