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Paychi Guh

Doing business with people and products that resonate with your vision is the best part of owning a shop.  So when an old fashioned snail mail lookbook of cashmere sweaters, popped into my box, I was intrigued.  A small family run operation, out of Washington State, that specializes in some of the softest cashmere sweaters was exactly what I was looking for.  Not overly complicated, an elevated basic.

When we met Karen and her sister, Tiffany, it was a bonus.  They are so delightful and passionate about their product.  We were hooked and have been doing business with them ever since.  

The cashmere used in their sweaters comes from Inner Mangolia.  They use the finest fibers from the underbelly of the goats. This fiber makes for the airy feel of their collection and the softness.  

Here is a little excerpt from Paychi's blog about Karen.  I highly suggest reading more about the process, material, and vision. Blog

Karen was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver, Canada at a young age. Karen built her technical foundation from textile and design education at the University of British Columbia and the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. She further sharpened her creative capability at the prestigious Central Saint Martins of Arts and Design in London. The unique draping-and-collaging design process allows her to break free from common design rules to create original silhouettes. Along with her creative vision and passion for design, Karen also brings with her extensive industry knowledge from over 15 years working as Textile Designer and Design Director at fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom. As a believer in the importance of sustainability, she practices infrequent, deliberate purchases and carries that belief into her design. Each Paychi Guh cashmere piece is designed to be an integral part of the wardrobe, to be worn season after season and last a lifetime.

We are thrilled to have Karen and her sister Tiffany visit our shop this week and bring more of their cashmere goodness with them.  Stop by if you are in Jackson or follow us on our Instgram stories to see what is new from Paychi Guh. 


paychi guh cashmere sweater

paychi guh cashmere sweater


stack of paychi guh cashmere sweaters


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